Our key advantages of having office screening

2020 has been a year of change across the country. As many businesses are now reimagining their office space during downtime. Office screening has always been a positive solution to many workplace issues, such as privacy and noise, and now provides a simple and cost effective way to help keep a workforce safe in terms of minimising the transmission of COVID-19. These are some of our key advantages of having office screening.

Artificial green walls vs real green walls

Green walls are popping up everywhere. From home interiors that need an aesthetic lift to business spaces - indoors and out - where a pop of colour can make all the difference, the green wall is increasingly being recognised as a big asset. Green walls come in many different options, especially when it comes to size and design as well as whether the foliage is artificial or real. If you’re looking to install a green wall then the choice between artificial and real can make all the difference going forward.

Top 6 benefits of vertical gardens

Vertical gardens are becoming increasingly popular in both professional/corporate and residential spaces. Artificial vertical gardens in particular provide a simple way to enhance the aesthetics and quality of both indoor and outdoor areas. A high quality vertical garden is a distinctive feature and can contribute to a positive experience of the space for those using it.


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