Vertical Garden Design Transforms Your Living Space

Indoor Vertical Garden Design at Home - Why You Need a Vertical Wall Garden to Add Colour and Texture to Your Living Space

In many parts of the world, summer may be on the edge of becoming a distant memory, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have that zesty, summer feel inside or around your home. A vertical garden can really make your living room reverberate with positive vibes and add texture through artificial greenery.

Fake Outdoor Green Walls

Green Walls at Home

Not all of us have deep pockets to afford a home that comes ready with a large and lush green garden sprawling out in front of you the moment you set foot outside the house. A conventional garden not only demands ample space but requires a seasoned landscaper and gardener to carry out regular care and maintenance.

Vibrant Green Screening Design Tool for Architects

The Telegraph (16 December 2017) reports how green cladding, roof gardens and planted buildings are exciting the world of architecture. Increasingly, projects incorporate top-to-bottom greenery for office blocks, apartment buildings and even skyscrapers, mainly through vertical planting and treescapes. To us at Vistafolia, this development resonates with our passion for creating better, human-centred environments with a natural look.


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