How important can plants be in a retail environment?

The retail environment matters a lot when it comes to customer experience today – and customer experience is the key to building loyalty and brand resilience. Plants, including artificial plants, have a lot to add to any retail environment and this is something that more and more retailers are beginning to realise. Increasingly since COVID-19, customers want to feel safe and relaxed in retail spaces – adding artificial greenery or flowers can contribute to this, as well as creating a distinctive space that reflects the vision and values of your brand.

Panel sustainability in harsh environments

Panels can be used to create unique and striking vertical gardens that bring colour and vibrancy to any environment. Hand tied and interlocking Vistafolia panels provide a natural finish using artificial plants for minimal maintenance and optimum impact. One key question that often comes up is panel sustainability, especially in harsh environments. If you’re investing in panels for your space then how can you ensure that they will last and what kind of testing do you need to consider?

5 benefits of artificial plants

If you’re interested in a greener aesthetic for your interiors and exteriors, then artificial plants have a lot to offer. Thanks to advances in design and finish it is often difficult to distinguish between an artificial plant and the real thing today. As a result, there is no compromise when it comes to appearance and feel and this provides many more options where greenery and plants are concerned. If you’re looking to bring the advantages of plants to your surroundings then there are five key benefits to the artificial option.


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