What's better real or artificial plants?

This question used to be a no brainer – real plants always won. However, gone are the days when an artificial plant looked plastic and had very little lusciousness or believability to it at all. Today, artificial plants are often so real that you have to touch them to work out whether they’re alive – and even then it can still be difficult to tell. If you’re currently looking at real and artificial plants then these are some of the reasons why we think artificial is always better.

Can plants attract more customers to your restaurant?

Getting more customers through the doors is a key component of growth strategy for any restaurant today. Particularly given the current complications created by COVID-19 it’s more important than ever before to make your restaurant somewhere that customers want to be. Plants can have a much more important role to play in this than you might think – if you’re looking to distinguish your business from the competition right now then integrating more greenery and flowers could be a great move.

How important can plants be in a retail environment?

The retail environment matters a lot when it comes to customer experience today – and customer experience is the key to building loyalty and brand resilience. Plants, including artificial plants, have a lot to add to any retail environment and this is something that more and more retailers are beginning to realise. Increasingly since COVID-19, customers want to feel safe and relaxed in retail spaces – adding artificial greenery or flowers can contribute to this, as well as creating a distinctive space that reflects the vision and values of your brand.


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