Vistafolia Panel Basic Pack

What's included?

Panels Box

UV technology

UV tested

Fire retardant

Vistafolia Green PanelPanel Type A x1

Vistafolia Green PanelPanel Type B x1

Vistafolia Green PanelPanel Type C x1


Each basic pack contains 3 Vistafolia® Panels (1xA, 1xB and 1xC).
One pack provides 1.92m² of coverage.

Panels available seperately upon request

✔ Hyper-realistic beautiful foliage
✔ ISO Quality Standards
✔ 5 years warranty
✔ Hassle-free to maintain
✔ REACH & ROHS tested
✔ Customisable with colour
✔ Freeze tested
✔ Easy to install

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High-Quality Artificial Green Walls

High quality artificial green walls can completely change the spaces that they occupy. Whether that's an indoor space or an outdoor environment, the right green wall can create a feature, continue a design theme or provide a way to bring some vibrancy and natural feel to any area. This type of living wall is becoming increasingly popular, not just because it looks fantastic but because it can also improve the experience of those who are using the space. Artificial green walls are the kind of trend that can have a positive impact right across your business, from the impression you make on visitors to how people feel using your spaces every day.

Artificial Green Wall
Artificial Green Wall


Bespoke to your needs

Vistafolia artificial green walls can be designed to suit the requirements of a specific space. That could be somewhere that you need to make a green statement and draw the eye, or an environment that would benefit from more of a natural feel. Artificial green walls can really bring a space to life and require minimal looking after, creating high impact but needing low maintenance. Of course not every green wall is the same but when you buy artificial green walls from Vistafolia you know that you’re working with the experts. We understand how to ensure that our high-quality artificial green wall panels look as realistic as possible, so much so that it’s difficult to tell the difference between our fake living walls and the real thing. There’s more information on the Vistafolia website product page.

Artificial Green Wall
Artificial Green Wall


Artificial green wall panels

One of the main requirements for anyone investing in artificial green walls is going to be quality. This relates to the aesthetics of the green wall but also how long the artificial plants are going to retain their vibrancy for. A high quality supplier, such as Vistafolia, will ensure that your artificial green walls are seamlessly designed to look like a planted living wall and will have high durability. The exceptional quality of the components that we use ensures that you’ll get the natural feel and the vibrancy that you would from real plants but without the need to water, feed, tend to and replace.

Artificial Green Wall
Artificial Green Wall


Cost effective for both indoors and outdoors

Artificial green walls make a big impact and can be used in any space, whether outdoors or indoors. Vistafolia panels are hand tied as well as using our innovative Vistafolia fixing system so that the arrangement of the plants looks incredibly realistic and the foliage is tightly packed so that there are no gaps. Plus, to ensure that your artificial green walls still look fantastic further down the line, all the plants are UV safe and manufactured with UV inhibiting additives to stop them from fading or losing their colour.

Artificial green walls can be designed to your specification, with rich, vibrant green foliage or splashes of colourful plants depending on the aesthetic that you’re looking to achieve. Browse the Vistafolia website product page to find out more about your options for our beautiful artificial green walls and to see how this fantastic feature could work for you.

Artificial Green Wall
Artificial Green Wall


AS EASY AS 1,2,3

VistaFolia Green Panel


Each basic pack contains 3 Panels

Color box


Customise the look of your green wall

Fixings box


Use our fixings for a neat and reliable installation