Artificial Living Green Wall

All Saints Catholic School

Artificial Green Wall System London

Eliminate burdensome living-green wall.

All Saints Catholic School in Dagenham, east London, made a fine green statement by dressing up the main school facade with living green wall panels / cladding. The beautiful band of foliage running across the frontage was a striking design element, if not a worthy sustainability initiative. However, two years on, irrigation issues had led to plant failures and an unsightly mess.  It became apparent to all that a lush, living wall entailed some dedicated maintenance outlay.


Hardly giving up on the green idea, the school commissioned Vistafolia® to recreate the wall with our ultra-realistic plant mixes. A fresh, new swathe of lively green soon greeted children starting another school day, much to their delight.

This project highlights how Vistafolia systems eliminate burdensome living-green wall upkeep while providing all of the aesthetic and softening effects. With no complicated irrigation mechanisms prone to failures or maintenance, the building facade is assured of an everlasting green backdrop for all to enjoy, with vertical garden panels.