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Artificial Green Walls London

The Maqam Centre is a project by yusuf Islam Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation. It provides a place for contemplative and creative expression where the community at large, professionals, academics and artists can meet and interact. Vistafolia® was chosen to supply greenery that complemented the modern design.


Vistafolia® supplied a solution which worked with the limited space and provided key focal points to the reception and communal areas. The simple unobtrusive nature of the Vistafolia ®product was the perfect choice to accentuate the uncluttered nature of the design.


Fusion of artisanal and technical innovation Vistafolia® creates feature walls and focal points that complement and heighten the interior design of both homes and commercial spaces. Beautiful, lush and life-like greenery create a refreshing, natural-looking environment, giving Interiors an instant lift.

Our refreshing green wall became the perfect accent to the sophisticated, modern design of the Maqam Centre (the charity founded in the name of Yusuf Islam (formerly the British singer-songwriter Cat Stevens), an arts and community centre in north London established by the not-for profit Yusuf Islam Foundation to serve as a contemplative and creative space for residents. The facility, built from what was once a Catholic church, features recreational amenities such as an indoor swimming pool and multi-purpose spaces for events and exhibitions. Vistafolia® dressed up the reception and communal areas with custom-fit foliage panels that provided a soft and attractive contrast to the contemporary lines of the interior design.

Our greenery panels proved to be the space-saving solution for the limited space as well as enhancing the uncluttered nature of the design.

Vistafolia® breaks ground with its fusion of artisanal and technical innovation. We create beautiful, lush foliage panels with colour combinations and textural compositions delivering the best of British design, by award-winning horticulturalist Paul Alder.

Vistafolia® widens the design repertoire of architects, interior designers and landscape designers, enabling them to create innovative and interesting greenery displays and installations that transform facades into stunning vertical garden showcases of colour, texture and composition.

The naturalistic, random arrangement of the foliage mimics the natural growing patterns of living plants, creating a realistic evocation of nature that provides the same aesthetic and therapeutic benefits as real planting.

Our solution features an advanced modular system for easy maintenance, installation, transport and DIY set-up and a customisation option that lets our customers change the look of their wall whenever they desire through our Colour Box selections of lavenders, white flowers and classic greens.

Products Used

80 x 80cm x 80cm Signature Panels; 8 x Colour Boxes.