Artificial Living Green Wall


Artificial Vertical Garden London

What was once a dull, lifeless courtyard wall became a veritable mini forest of lush greenery with the installation of Vistafolia’s mixed foliage panels. Staff at a property investment company in central London now delight in their courtyard garden, the rhapsodic sight of various plantings racing along its stretch of wall providing both a sense of calm and aesthetic pleasure.


Previous attempts at live planting had failed due to relatively low levels of natural light reaching the area. The spartan look of the garden was uninspiring for those bolting from their desks for a quick break. Now with a refreshing impasto of fake living green walls, the internal courtyard artificial vertical garden serves as an inviting space for both guests and employees.

The density of the installation also produced an unintended but welcome acoustic bonus soundproofing that minimised surrounding noise and heightened the space’s calming effect.