Luxury Green Walls


Vertical Garden Knightsbridge

Vistafolia® transformed the limited courtyard space of one of Knightsbridge's luxury apartments into a lavish green wall display that perfectly complemented this very exclusive location’s well-appointed interiors. The installation created an impressive vertical garden design feature which unfolded across all three levels of the property. Viewed from the basement, the middle level and the bedrooms of the top floor, the lush, seamless foliage gave the impression of larger space and the theatrical feeling of being in a vibrant, urban jungle. 


This project illustrated how Vistafolia® is the perfect solution for refreshing challenging urban environments where real planting is problematic. The massive, 9-metre high courtyard wall had been uninspiring, receiving little natural light and with limited floor area for planting trees or even placing containers. The mismatch between the stunning interiors and the dull outside was glaring, and with the client wanting to brighten up the space with sumptuous greenery, the Vistafolia® system delivered an amazing viewer experience as well as a practical solution.

With Vistafolia’s Colour Boxes, the green wall was beautifully customised with individual plants, providing colour and textural contrasts. Delicate, white flowers accentuated the signature panels, along with yellow, variegated grasses and clusters of blue flowers.

‘This is where urban greening comes into its own,’ says Vistafolia® founder and designer Paul Alder. ‘Ten years ago this product wouldn’t be available, a landscape designer or architect wouldn’t have these choices. Now they have this addition to their armoury, to offer a vertical garden green wall without having to use real plants’.