Vistafolia Panel Basic Pack

What's included?

Panels Box

UV technology

UV tested

Fire retardant

Vistafolia Green PanelPanel Type A x1

Vistafolia Green PanelPanel Type B x1

Vistafolia Green PanelPanel Type C x1


Each basic pack contains 3 Vistafolia® Panels (1xA, 1xB and 1xC).
One pack provides 1.92m² of coverage.

Panels available seperately upon request

✔ Hyper-realistic beautiful foliage
✔ ISO Quality Standards
✔ 5 years warranty
✔ Hassle-free to maintain
✔ REACH & ROHS tested
✔ Customisable with colour
✔ Freeze tested
✔ Easy to install

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Outdoor plant walls

Outdoor plant walls have become a popular way to breathe new life into outside spaces that have seen better days. Aesthetically stunning, cost effective and low maintenance there are lots of advantages to opting for outdoor plant walls that are made with artificial plants, including the range of foliage choices available and the minimal effort that is required when it comes to looking after this type of green wall. If you’re going to invest in outdoor plant walls it makes sense to get the best possible quality that you can – take a look at the Vistafolia website product page to find out more about our walls, which are REACH & ROHS tested and come with a five year warranty.

Artificial Green Wall
Artificial Green Wall


One pack, three panels

On the Vistafolia website product page you’ll see that each of our outdoor plant walls comes in a pack of three panels. The panels have been ‘sewn’ individually and all look different with hand tied foliage that overlaps seamlessly when the panels are fitted together. You can customise the panels further by adding colour and texture depending on the aesthetic that you’re looking to achieve. Together, the three panels in a single pack provide 1.92m² of coverage and you can combine as many packs as you need to create the outdoor plant walls that work for your space.

Artificial Green Wall
Artificial Green Wall


The artificial green experts

There are so many good reasons to choose artificial plants for your outdoor plant walls. As well as being hassle-free, artificial plants have a lot to offer when it comes to longevity. Vistafolia use ultra natural foliage with 100% pure colour pigments to achieve the boldest and most striking shades that Mother Nature has to offer. Each plant has been UV tested and manufactured with UV inhibiting additives to help ensure that they last longer even when placed in the sun. We also test all of the components of our outdoor plant walls to ensure they are fire safe and that they can withstand cold/freezing temperatures. We have extensive experience with artificial outdoor plant walls and high quality standards where all our products are concerned.

Artificial Green Wall
Artificial Green Wall


No need for water

Artificial plants make the installation process much simpler for outdoor plant walls. Each of the panels simply fits together requiring just a few tools and a couple of pairs of hands. You don’t need to worry about the impact of transport and installation on the plants as you would if you were dealing with real, live foliage. Mess and disruption are kept to a minimum as the panels are very easy to install and once in place our outdoor plant walls need very little attention. There’s no need to water the walls or to tend to them as you would with regular plants. Instead, all you have to do is wipe the leaves down from time to time. Our outdoor plant walls are recyclable too so you can minimise the waste that you generate when the time comes to move on.


AS EASY AS 1,2,3

VistaFolia Green Panel


Each basic pack contains 3 Panels

Color box


Customise the look of your green wall

Fixings box


Use our fixings for a neat and reliable installation