Vistafolia Panel Basic Pack

What's included?

Panels Box

UV technology

UV tested

Fire retardant

Vistafolia Green PanelPanel Type A x1

Vistafolia Green PanelPanel Type B x1

Vistafolia Green PanelPanel Type C x1


Each basic pack contains 3 Vistafolia® Panels (1xA, 1xB and 1xC).
One pack provides 1.92m² of coverage.

Panels available seperately upon request

✔ Hyper-realistic beautiful foliage
✔ ISO Quality Standards
✔ 5 years warranty
✔ Hassle-free to maintain
✔ REACH & ROHS tested
✔ Customisable with colour
✔ Freeze tested
✔ Easy to install

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Plant wall Indoors

Human beings love nature. In fact, there are multiple studies to show that when we bring some of the outside in we tend to be more content and to perform better in a working environment. Creating a plant wall indoors is a great way to do this, to access all the benefits of having a slice of nature inside and to create an environment with a greater sense of peace and calm. You don’t have to do this with real plants to achieve the same end results – high quality artificial plants can have the same impact and won’t burden you with a schedule of maintenance that can be time consuming and costly. In fact they are very simple to install and a dream to maintain.

Artificial Green Wall
Artificial Green Wall


Create a plant wall indoors

The visual appeal of placing a plant wall indoors is very broad. It can make a space feel distinctive and create a feature for any room, especially if you have a lot of space to fill. Lush, green plant walls also create a sense of relaxation and abundance and can be designed for any area, whether that’s a small interior wall space or a large wall where you want to do something dramatic. Our indoor plant walls have been created by the experts and provide options for every room as you’ll see on the Vistafolia website product page.

Artificial Green Wall
Artificial Green Wall


Leading the market in ultra realistic artificial plants

At Vistafolia we are specialists in creating green panels with artificial plants that look natural and ultra realistic all year round. We know that using a plant wall indoors can lift up any space but it’s important to make sure that quality is a priority. That’s why our signature panels have been created to be simple to use and designed for long term durability and aesthetic consistency:

  • We use hyper realistic foliage that has been hand tied for a beautiful finish
  • Every Vistafolia pack contains three panels, each with a different arrangement
  • Our foliage is made with 100% pure colour pigments to ensure that they look stunning from the moment you install the plant wall indoors to whenever you decide to take it down
  • Our plant walls are UV tested and manufactured with UV inhibiting additives so they can be placed anywhere indoors even in a really sunny spot
  • Use our plant wall indoors for a lush, generous finish with tightly packed foliage (no gaps) and planting overlap to ensure that the panels look natural
Artificial Green Wall
Artificial Green Wall


The practical bit

The Vistafolia website product page contains all the information you’ll need about how to create a beautiful plant wall indoors. Our basic packs come with three different panels and provide 1.92m² of coverage per pack. All of the plants are tied in place before the panels are dispatched and installing them requires just a few simple tools and a couple of pairs of hands. And when it comes to maintenance you needn’t worry – you don’t need any horticultural expertise and maintenance is minimal.


AS EASY AS 1,2,3

VistaFolia Green Panel


Each basic pack contains 3 Panels

Color box


Customise the look of your green wall

Fixings box


Use our fixings for a neat and reliable installation