Vistafolia Panel Basic Pack

What's included?

Panels Box

UV technology

UV tested

Fire retardant

Vistafolia Green PanelPanel Type A x1

Vistafolia Green PanelPanel Type B x1

Vistafolia Green PanelPanel Type C x1


Each basic pack contains 3 Vistafolia® Panels (1xA, 1xB and 1xC).
One pack provides 1.92m² of coverage.

Panels available seperately upon request

✔ Hyper-realistic beautiful foliage
✔ ISO Quality Standards
✔ 5 years warranty
✔ Hassle-free to maintain
✔ REACH & ROHS tested
✔ Customisable with colour
✔ Freeze tested
✔ Easy to install

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Vertical Garden

Artificial plants bring a unique sense of life to any space and make a serious statement as a vertical garden. Whether you’re looking to create a visual impact with a colourful vertical garden or make a space feel more full of life, our green wall panels can help you to achieve this. When you invest in a Vistafolia vertical garden you’ll get year round colour in any season and a vibrant feature that can be used either inside or out. Customisation is available when it comes to colours and textures to make your vertical garden feel completely unique – there’s more information on the Vistafolia website product page.

Artificial Green Wall
Artificial Green Wall


Vistafolia vertical garden panels

Opt for Vistafolia panels to create your virtual garden and you’ll get a hyper realistic and natural looking finish that you can add colours and textures to so that it feels completely your own. We have designed our vertical gardens with rich, lush foliage that has been hand tied to provide a realistic and abundant finish. Each of our panels has been produced in accordance with ISO Quality Standards and comes with a five-year warranty. Place them where you like to create a vertical garden that will be distinctive and beautiful with no maintenance required.

Artificial Green Wall
Artificial Green Wall


Installation is a breeze

The end result may be impressive but installing a vertical garden using Vistafolia is very simple. The green panels have been designed to be easy to transport as well as straightforward to install – minimal fuss and no hassle. Because the panels are made from artificial plants and foliage there is no risk of losing the plants during the transportation and installation process and the vertical garden won’t suffer like a traditional living garden might due to damage or a lack of water. Installation is also mess free and very quick, requiring just a few simple tools and a couple of pairs of hands.

Artificial Green Wall
Artificial Green Wall


The Vistafolia vertical garden

An artificial vertical garden looks fantastic all year round and there are some very good reasons to opt for this product for your space:

  • Bright, vibrant and bold – we use 100% pure colour pigments to achieve dazzling results
  • Natural and real looking – in fact, you might find that our vertical garden panels end up looking better than the real thing
  • Designed for use inside or out – our vertical gardens have been freeze tested to ensure they are suitable for low temperatures and are also UV rated
  • Low maintenance – unlike real plants, the artificial foliage in our vertical garden needs minimal maintenance and the plants won’t die no matter what the surrounding environment
  • A truly green option – when you want to move on from the garden the plants are fully recyclable (check with your local authority on the best way to do this).

Create a more distinctive and natural feel for any space with vertical garden panels that look vibrant and inspiring – you’ll find more information on the options available on the Vistafolia website product page.


AS EASY AS 1,2,3

VistaFolia Green Panel


Each basic pack contains 3 Panels

Color box


Customise the look of your green wall

Fixings box


Use our fixings for a neat and reliable installation