Vertical Indoor Garden

New York

Vertical Garden New York

The impressive free standing structure installed in the atrium of this new modern building was specifically designed with artificial foliage in mind as real plants would be too expensive and not practical to use. Vistafolia was commissioned to supply and install the lush artificial green wall and customise on site.

The structure was steel with aluminium box section fixed vertically spaced at 800mm centres. The Vistafolia Signature green panels were attached using our unique fixing and self tapping screws ideal for easy vertical garden installation. 

Our seamless 3 panel solution worked perfectly.


Paul personally supervised the installation and trained the team to understand the subtle horticultural techniques to place the extra foliage from the colour boxes. Over the last 5 years paul has perfected this technique and has been able to pass this on to new installers. He always demands perfection almost like a Michelin star chief. He is so fast at placing plants on site almost looks as though he has some pre planed design to follow. This takes years to develop, but he’s has made the Signature panel and colour boxes simple to use. Fire rated and UV options available.

This particular project had to have that trademark splash of color from Vistafolia that has become the gold standard in this new industry.

That fact that we manufacture to ISO 9001 standards make a difference in all parts of our product offer.