Artificial Living Green Wall

Westfield Shopping Centre, London

Artificial Living Wall Systems

Vistafolia’s challenge was to create a warm, comfortable rooftop enclave for this popular casino in Westfield shopping centre, with its breathtaking views of the Olympic stadium.

A green space, where their customers could sit back and relax in the open air. Our artificial living wall systems provided the perfect solution, allowing them to create ‘vertical gardens’ that filled the terrace with lush green foliage, softening the concrete and steel exterior without taking up too much space. The architect was looking for a planting solution that would stand up to the windswept roof terrace and maintain its airy, open feel, using the existing structures.


A living wall would have struggled in this climate, needing frequent maintenance to keep it looking healthy. Vistafolia’s stunning artificial green wall was able to provide that burst of natural colour all year round, and without the need for a watering system could fit closer to the walls and create more open space. The result was an inviting, cozy outdoors oasis casino patrons could enjoy and relax in.

In order to fit the lightweight panels to the wall, the metal columns along the terrace were cladded with timber. The panels were then customised with lavender foliage from our colour box of mixed flowers and plants.