Vistafolia Panel Basic Pack

What's included?

Panels Box

UV technology

UV tested

Fire retardant

Vistafolia Green PanelPanel Type A x1

Vistafolia Green PanelPanel Type B x1

Vistafolia Green PanelPanel Type C x1


Each basic pack contains 3 Vistafolia® Panels (1xA, 1xB and 1xC).
One pack provides 1.92m² of coverage.

Panels available seperately upon request

✔ Hyper-realistic beautiful foliage
✔ ISO Quality Standards
✔ 5 years warranty
✔ Hassle-free to maintain
✔ REACH & ROHS tested
✔ Customisable with colour
✔ Freeze tested
✔ Easy to install

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Faux Green Walls

How can you enjoy ultra-natural greenery all year round in a cost effective way? Faux green walls make this available to anyone, whether you’re looking to bring more color to an indoor environment or character to an outside space. Robust but aesthetically beautiful design means that faux green walls can be installed anywhere and will withstand most weather conditions through winter, fall, spring and summer. Plus, with minimal maintenance required they are a low key way to upgrade a space with a more natural finish without the time, resources and replacement costs that real plants require.

Artificial Green Wall
Artificial Green Wall


Ultra realistic

One of the biggest concerns for people who want to buy faux green walls is often whether these will look realistic. Vistafolia faux green walls are so realistic that it’s almost impossible to distinguish them from real plants even up close. Hand tied foliage is one of the reasons that the panels that make up our green walls look so realistic. Plus, with 16 plant varieties and more than 72 plants per panel the overall impact is one of lush abundance that looks so real you might be tempted to water it. Our faux green walls are also very simple to customize - you can choose from color and texture boxes to create a finish that fits with your overall aesthetic scheme. There’s more information on these options on the Vistafolia product page.

Artificial Green Wall
Artificial Green Wall


Outdoors or inside

Faux green walls look engaging wherever they are installed and the resilient way that they have been designed means you have plenty of choice in terms of location. There’s no need to consider whether an area has enough natural light or the right air temperature, for example, as your faux green wall will ‘thrive’ whatever the conditions it is in. The artificial foliage used in the panels is UV stabilised and fire rated, as well as being tested and manufactured to specific standards. Plus the artificial plants used in faux green walls have undergone testing for cold conditions, including freeze and thaw, to ensure that they will remain robust all year round, indoors or outside.

Artificial Green Wall
Artificial Green Wall



As well as the customization options for faux green walls via color and texture you can design the feature so that it fits wherever you want it to. Vistafolia faux green walls are made up of variants of three perfectly designed panels that fit seamlessly together and which you can mix and match to create the overall impact that you require. The fixings are ideal for quick and straightforward installation and also allow for panels to be simply removed for cleaning and then reinstalled easily. Color customization boxes offer a very broad range of shades, from spring pink to lush green and soft lavender.

Faux green walls are exceptionally well designed and offer a hassle-free way to bring more of the outside in - or to enhance any alfresco area that needs a little more green. Easy to install, simple to customize and long-lasting, an artificial green wall delivers all the benefits of more foliage without the time and resources burden that real plants can bring.


AS EASY AS 1,2,3

VistaFolia Green Panel


Each basic pack contains 3 Panels

Color box


Customise the look of your green wall

Fixings box


Use our fixings for a neat and reliable installation