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"We are driven by a passion to create inspiring, uplifting environments for people to enjoy life to the fullest"

Paul Alder, Vistafolia’s creator, spent years researching and developing the artificial plants that adorn the Vistafolia Panel system today. His tireless efforts catapulted a non-existent industry into the forefront of artificial greening. Paul’s vision and work paid off with an ingenious green wall solution that looks and feels stunningly. “Creating a product that is so true-to-nature turned out to be a kind of practical magic, we’re proud to say, it did however take a lot of hard work, and over 25 years of experience to pull it off,” says Paul.


Paul Alder is the head of this fast-growing world-wide artificial greenery brand. 25 years in the horticulture and technical landscape industry lead him to this top position in the artificial living wall market. Helping him get there were lessons learned from his days earning accolade after accolade on the world’s toughest garden circuits. Starting humbly at the Royal Parks, by the age of 24 he was supervising a staff of 40 tending to the parks and went on to work for himself winning 12 national awards in England, five Chelsea medals including the highly coveted Gold and a Gold medal at Hampton Court Flower Show.

Thoughtful design, creativity and an exuberant drive took Paul’s talent to this place of impeccably reproduced artificial living walls. He is both the inspiration and passion behind the brand with its goal to transform the environments of urban spaces where real vegetation could never thrive.

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Every day at Vistafolia we head to work to help people achieve more through reimagined and realized green wall spaces at home, work or in their community. We strive to produce the most realistic artificial green walls conceived using only the highest quality materials. We take those products and deliver an end to end green wall result for our customers, allowing the end beneficiary of our vertical wall systems to be co-creators in the vibrant transformation that occurs with Vistafolia.

Because Vistafolia’s incredible customization capabilities will always center around user-designed outcomes, expect innovation to come year after year from Vistafolia, ensuring today’s green wall design is not your last green wall design.



We are a team of green wall build and design experts. Fuelled by innovation, we are constantly improving our alignment with nature to realize a reflection of the amazingly simple beauty of nature in style and function.

Efficiency drives the Vistafolia green wall family every day when making decisions on product development or green wall installation techniques. Quality is never compromised with our best-in-class vertical gardens as we subject all panels and artificial plant varieties to the most rigorous testing and continuous find tuning.

Not every wall is conducive to a green wall and not every budget has the depth to maintain a real living wall, and that’s where Vistafolia comes in. Lush, artificial green wall panels for every environment and budget.
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As a recognized leader in horticulture, Paul Alder entered the artificial greenery market intending to elevate standards in artificial green wall manufacturing and design and Vistafolia has a long track record of doing that. From the UV, non-fade, green wall technology to the intricacies of injection-mold colors into Vistafolia plant life, Vistafolia has pushed the rest of the green wall industry to do better, improving the whole.

Vistafolia’s vertical garden R&D team spend countless hours in the research facility working on new plant shapes, colors and sizes. Carpeting styles of artificial plant, cascading and trailing styles of artificial plants, it’s all under development here for incorporation into our state-of-the-art green wall systems. The Vistafolia team’s understanding of color association and natural plant textures is paramount to our success in producing world-class artificial plant and green wall systems.

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Enabling customers to personalize their green wall is at the forefront of our business. We are dedicated to helping our green wall clients transform and uplift their residential and commercial environments with the Vistafolia vertical garden system. More than four decades working in exceptional residential and commercial spaces have helped us become skilfully attuned to the desired outcomes of our clients. We are excited to put that experience to work for you creating better practical, safe, hassle-free artificial greening personalized to your unique style.

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