Vistafolia’s Large Artificial Green Wall Project Approach

A large-scale green wall is really something to behold! This immediately striking feature can bring beautiful life to an otherwise drab or unattractive building. The unique aesthetic of a high quality artificial green wall appeals to the eye, both up close and from considerable difference.

Vistafolia’s unique, market-leading approach to green walls with our three-panel solution means they are perfect for a variety of large-scale applications.

Vistafolia Green Walls And Large Architecture: A Match Made In Heaven

Vistafolia’s level of customisation means not only is your project visually stunning and distinct, but it means that unconventional shapes or curves can be easily accounted for. Not only are we able to shape our panels to your exact needs, but our unique colour and texture boxes allow you to create a look that’s truly individual to your application.

When working on large scale projects, the green wall needs to look real, and fit the architecture around it. Thanks to our innovative fixing system, our panels sit flush with your wall or surface, regardless of whether it’s curved, or whether you’ve cut the panels.

Scalability With A One Of A Kind Three Panel Solution

Vistafolia uses three uniquely designed panels that are tiled in natural patterns to create a realistic green wall regardless of how big the wall is.

In contrast, other artificial green walls use just a single panel, which is repeated side-by-side. This creates clearly repeated patterns that look unnatural – especially on a large scale! Vistafolia’s three panel solution stands up to scrutiny both from a distance and up close, making it the preferred choice for large projects, over any other brand on the market.

Large Artificial Green Walls With Global Potential

No matter the outdoor environment and atmosphere, Vistafolia’s UV stabilised, and rigorously tested panels are tested BS EN ISO 4892:2 2013 for up to 5,000 hours as well as an ISO 9001 certification, and we have a market leading five-year limited liability warranty for complete piece of mind, making our solution one of the most compliant in the market.

We know that countries with stricter import rules, such as Kenya, require certain levels of certification before products are allowed in, and our stringent attention to detail suffices even the strictest import rules.

Complete End-to-end Service From Vistafolia

From our dedication to detail in our greenery designs, to the overall look and feel of our products, we are always working to make our walls, and the wider industry, better. We offer unparalleled support at any stage of your journey, whether you visit our research and development centre, or speak to us over the phone.

Our complete end-to-end service includes design, consultation and even through to installation as needed. Our experts in research and development can even create custom local foliage to complement your green wall, making it as lifelike as possible.

If you’re an architect, we consult with you to ensure our solution works for every aspect of your plans, and help you to understand the finished outlook, including the number of panels needed and the orientation and placement of each one.

Another fantastic part of our design service is the ability to layer our panels and fixings around key structural components and logos that you may wish to layer on top, such as a neon sign.

Vistafolia’s Unique Product Ability

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UV-IFR Technology

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Low Maintenance


Benefits Of An Artificial Green Wall Over A Living Wall

When working at a large scale, artificial walls are often better suited, as they can survive temperatures and weather that living plants can’t and don’t require costly and heavy irrigation systems.

Our artificial walls have many other benefits over living walls, including:

  • Minimal maintenance required; all they need is a gentle clean at regular intervals
  • Suitable for areas with challenging light or temperature conditions
  • More cost-effective, especially at large scale where costs mount with maintenance and the shorter lifespan of real living walls
  • Lower profile and lightweight, meaning they’re flexible for a wide range of applications

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Testimonial Home Owner Tracay
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My Vistafolia green wall looks fantastic. I have to remind myself it’s not real! It has transformed a boring brick wall which I look out onto while I’m washing up into something lovely. Very good customer service too – well-informed and helpful.

Liz Gill

The team was fantastic. They arrived on time. It was raining, but they worked through the rain and did a fabulous job. Had some trouble with my neighbour and they went above and beyond to sort that out and make her side look pretty too. Would recommend them any day.

Puja Patnaik

I am so thrilled that I picked Vistafolia. Our roof terrace looks amazing with the combination of the foliage panels and cedar panelling. The whole process could not have been simpler and the team worked hard and paid such attention to detail during the installation. I would thoroughly recommend them.


Amazing product and delighted with our new green wall. Certainly has bought a new dimension to the dining area of our terrace.Can recommend without hesitation and service we received from Tim Spargo was exceptional. Also impressed with both delivery and packaging of the product beautifully wrapped in tissue and boxed. We looked at the competition and came to conclusion that Vistafolia was best by far!

Andrew Shepherd

We found Vistafolia’s Lush Green green wall product to be of the highest quality. It was naturalistic and easy to install. Customer service was excellent and the end result is very impacting. It was key that the product had a good fire rating and clear supporting documentation. We would use Vistafolia and their products again.

Kim Halliday

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