Lush Green Texture Box

A tumble of wild grasses and earthy ferns merged with green-fused and delicate flowers.

Use these lush plants as you please, simply slotting them into the Vistafolia® Panel where you want them.

Each Colour Box contains enough plants to personalise 12 Vistafolia panels.

  • Manufactured to ISO 9001 Standards
  • 5 year warranty

Combine the green foliage with other boxes in our range for a truly bespoke green wall finish

Vistafolia Panels, can be customised to fit any conceivable dimension by adding extra depth

Create a bit of privacy, with this perfect perfect home décor solution for managing your space.

Give your wall the depth of texture it deserves with swathes of foliage to create points of interest


Simply slot the plants in to add bursts of vibrant colours and extra depth to your Vistafolia® Panels to give you the look and finish that you desire.

Colour Box Choices

Delicate White Colour Box

Lovely mix of summer blossoms dotted with delicate white flowers.

Spring Pink Colour Box

A timeless combination of elegant pink flowers and earthy green plants.

Forest Flame Colour Box

Invigorating reds blend with the green to create a stunning view.

Soft Lavender Colour Box

Cascading greens blended with stunning blue lavender and blossoms.

Texture Box Choices

Lush Green Texture Box

A tumble of wild grasses and earthy ferns merged with green-fused and delicate flowers.

Trailing Ivy Texture Box

Trailing ivy for a trailing finish that can be used to add volume, or even as a standalone plant for baskets and planters.

Trailing Buxus Texture Box

Trailing buxus for a trailing finish that looks at home on the panel, or adding an extra dimension to an indoor or outdoor display.

Large Grasses Texture Box

A selection of large 18″ grasses, in colourful shades of green and burgundy.

Lush Green Texture Box

Add Colour and Texture

Create Shapes

Mix & Match

Additional plants give the wall a random element that is even more akin to a natural wall that can be used on their own or in a combination.

Green Walls Your Way

Finish And Blend With Colour Boxes

The finish, the polish and the personal touch. That’s what is achieved with Vistafolia Colour and Texture Boxes. Each box works harmoniously to create a seamless, flawless look, enhanced by your personal style and design eye.

Start Your Vistafolia® Journey

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