Our Installation Service

Our in-house installation team operates to the highest of standards; helping to ensure that Vistafolia remains the best-in-class artificial green wall provider.

Our Installation Service

Our in-house installation team operates to the highest of standards; helping to ensure that Vistafolia remains the best-in-class artificial green wall provider.
Get in touch to arrange your green wall installation.
installing outdoor green wall panel


Our specialist installation team operate throughout London and the South-East of England. If you are outside our catchment area, we can still provide you with everything you need to easily install our artificial living walls yourself. For large-scale projects that are outside our catchment area, please get in touch to see if we can provide and install so that the artificial green wall is correctly installed from start to finish.


Here at Vistafolia, we want to make our clients’ wants and needs a reality. We pride ourselves on offering bespoke advice and quality service. Our artificial wall panel and our installation team combine to make our offering one of the most versatile on the market. Whatever the problem, we will find a way to solve it whilst keeping the installation looking seamless. The first step is to get in touch with our sales team and discuss your requirements. Using your approximate measurements, we will be able to give you an indication of the price for installing your artificial plant wall. From here, we can then identify whether a site visit is necessary. Our team will then come and meet you, discuss your needs and measure up.

green wall Design-Service


We provide a comprehensive design service capable of presenting solutions with a cost-effective, low-maintenance solution that meets the needs of your project.

We’ll start by identifying the requirements you have for covering any wall, whether you are looking to enhance a small corner of your kitchen or working on a large commercial project, our design and technical team will be able to offer you a complete end-to-end service.

With a simple picture of the wall you want to cover, we can instantly create a mock-up design drawing to show how our green walls can transform your environment. We turn your ugly wall into un urban oasis with the minimum of fuss. Whatever the application, we try to provide design advice that can solve any design issues.


Once you are happy, we will arrange a date for our team of specialist artificial green wall installers to commence work. Unlike many other companies, Vistafolia doesn’t subcontract any installation. This guarantees that the finish of our artificial living walls always remains to the highest standard as the buck stops with us. Our team are very experienced and will install your wall with minimum disruption to your everyday life. Our focus is on client satisfaction, and we will do our best to ensure any obstacles are tackled quickly and efficiently. Our installation team are a tidy bunch, they will ensure the area is cleaned and will take away any rubbish. Any offcuts of our artificial wall panels will be taken away and recycled, ensuring our product doesn’t go to landfill when is doesn’t need to.

State of the art fixings can be purchased alongside your artificial living wall panels which ensure that the wall is securely fixed to its backdrop and without the risk of it moving. Once fixed to the wall, it’s not going anywhere regardless of the weather.

Interested in our artificial green wall installation services?

Green Plant Wall Installation



Fence battening is the perfect way to finish off your artificial green wall. Our expert team can install these as an extra to your artificial plant wall. If this is something you would like to consider, please mention it to our sales team in your initial enquiry, this will then be included in the initial quote.


Want to compliment your artificial living wall with some planters? We can supply and install planters that can host our Vistafolia colour boxes. Unlike most artificial plants, Vistafolia’s loose replica foliage doesn’t come completely fixed in a pot or container. This offers you a world of freedom to create the plant arrangements you want. Get tired of your planters? No problem! You can easily rearrange, reuse, and repot without getting your hands dirty.


Please use the slider below to see the difference our expert artificial plant wall installation team can make. As you can see, our green walls really do add that extra special touch to any environment. 

Light Well Before Plant Wall Install Light Well After Plant Wall Install
Sculpture Garden Before Plant Wall Install Sculpture Garden After Plant Wall Install
Car Park Entrance Before Faux Wall Install Car Park Entrance After Faux Wall Install


Our faux planting is only limited by your creativity. The possibilities are endless, and the replica foliage can be suited to any purpose.

Planter box with trailing artificial plants


Let your imagination run wild and creative with our stunning range.

artificial plants growing down white brick wall


Soften wall edges and transform vertical space with trailing plants.

centre piece artificial plants bar area


Bring the outside in with swathes of natural looking replica foliage.

Artificial plants in front of living wall with pebble border


Enjoy beautiful, lush bedding planting with virtually no maintenance.