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Is it time to embrace artificial plants?

If you’ve always dismissed the idea of artificial plants because you don’t think they’re “as good as the real thing” then it might be time for a re-think. Today, the options for artificial plants are broad and there are lots to choose from. Not only that but you might be hard pushed to distinguish most of them from the real thing. So, is it time to embrace artificial plants? Here are three good reasons to say yes.

You could reduce your spend

Real plants take a lot of resources and this can be costly. You’ll need to commit to providing them with the soil and water that they need and over a number of years – as well as pots that increase in size to accommodate growth – and this can really add up. Plus, real plants can die and may need to be replaced, which adds another expense to the budget. The up front cost of a real plant vs. an artificial plant could be higher or roughly the same depending on the plant that you’re opting for but in the long run real plants come with much more of a cost burden.

The maintenance commitment

When you invest in artificial plants the most maintenance that they need is to be dusted down occasionally when the need arises. It’s a very different story for real plants, which may require a professional to come in and look at after them if you want to make sure that you get the most from your investment. You’ll need to ensure that real plants have enough space to grow and that they’re getting sufficient light. They are likely to require cutting back and may need special fertilisers or treatments depending on what happens to them over the course of their lives. If you’re not ready to commit to years of maintenance then artificial plants are the obvious choice.

A huge range of choice

The market for artificial plants has grown significantly in recent years and there are now many more options than there have ever been. Whether you’re looking for flowers, trees or hedges, from the most traditional to the most exotic, you’ll find colourful, vibrant options to suit your personal choice – and at a budget that suits you too. There are few limits with artificial plants no matter where you’re looking to place them – ideal growing conditions, for example, are not even a consideration.

If you’re considering embracing artificial plants then now might be the perfect time to do so. These are just some of the reasons why they are a good investment, now and for the future. Check out our range of unique Green Wall Panels here…