Our top benefits of using artificial plants in your hotel

Plants bring something special to interiors. However, you don’t need to tackle real plants to benefit from the aesthetic and environmental enhancement of greenery indoors. Artificial plants today provide a wealth of choice and a much simpler way to bring some of the outside in than dealing with the maintenance of live plants. These are just some of the benefits that your hotel will get from using artificial plants in all areas.

No natural light? No problem

Many buildings today don’t tend to optimise natural light, especially in areas such as reception and corridors. This can make it almost impossible to sustain real plants, which require natural light to thrive and grow. Artificial plants aren’t such divas – you can place them anywhere and they will still look great, not just when they are first bought but into the long term too. Other environmental factors, such as temperature and humidity, can also be problematic for hotels where live plants are concerned but this isn’t an issue if you opt for artificial.

Welcoming aesthetics that promote wellbeing

Artificial plants can be used anywhere in your hotel and have a big impact on the guests who pass through. They create a welcoming sense of nature and help to enhance the warmth and visual impact of any area. You can also use artificial plants to break up the harder horizontal lines of an area that may be created by furniture, such as desks and chairs. Plus, multiple studies have found that humans respond positively to greenery indoors, feeling more relaxed and at home – this is something that artificial plants can help you to tap into.

High quality is the key

The range of artificial plants available today is quite spectacular, whether you’re looking for some small flowering plants or large trees and shrubs. You can be truly creative in the way that you use these plants, adding an artificial green wall to bring an interior space alive or using artificial plants to create different spaces within a large area. The key is to ensure that you invest in quality – high quality artificial plants and foliage look so real today that most people won’t be able to tell the difference. But that may not be the case if you compromise where quality is concerned.

Minimising the maintenance burden on your staff

If you’re running a hotel then you probably already have a fairly heavy cleaning and maintenance schedule, especially where COVID is concerned. Artificial plants don’t add to this in the same way that real plants do. There is no need to feed and water artificial plants and they don’t need to be repositioned or pruned. A quick wipe with a clean cloth to remove any gathered dust is all that is necessary for artificial plants and foliage.

Any hotel can have a greener interior but you don’t have to use live plants to do it. Artificial plants have many benefits, from aesthetics to choice and the minimal nature of maintenance.