Real or artificial, which is best for your office?

The office environment that you create can have a big impact on the people who work within it. Especially in times of stress, being surrounded by a soothing aesthetic can make a real difference to the way employees feel when they’re at work. The way we feel can have a knock on effect on everything, from collaboration to productivity and how engaged staff are with the business in which they work. One of the simplest ways to upgrade your interiors is with a natural aesthetic and a bit of greenery – but when it comes to plants for your office, which is best, real or artificial?

Every office is different

The right option for your business will depend on many different things, from the set up of the office to the resources that you have available for cleaning and maintenance. For example, if your building doesn’t get a lot of natural light then you might find it difficult to keep real plants alive. High quality artificial plants today are so realistic that it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between these leaves and the real thing so, when it comes to choosing between real and artificial plants, the aesthetic isn’t compromised either way.

The benefits of artificial plants

One of the major benefits of artificial plants is that they don’t take much maintenance. They will need to be dusted occasionally but other than that very little is required – no watering, soil changing, pruning or trimming. You can also place artificial plants anywhere, as already mentioned. So, whatever design you have for the interior can be made real without the need to consider practicalities such as sunlight. Your staff will also get a mood boost from artificial plants as they can deliver an uplifting feeling simply from the way they look.

Though real plants have many health benefits, when placed in an office environment where they hardly receive any natural light they can die quickly and are costly to keep replacing. And when they don’t wither from a lack of sunlight, there is the issue of insufficient water as well as limited air. Compared to the hassle free approach of maintaining your artificial plant the endless list of tasks to keep your live plants in place, not only do artificial come out on top but often look better.

Whether you opt for real or artificial plants in your office is no longer the question, but what’s stopping you from enhancing the space with the most beautiful of artificial plants? As it is obvious there are a number of benefits to making the space greener. From enhancing the day-to-day experience for your staff to improving the quality of air, plants have a lot to give.

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