Vibrant Green Screening Design Tool for Architects

The Telegraph (16 December 2017) reports how green cladding, roof gardens and planted buildings are exciting the world of architecture. Increasingly, projects incorporate top-to-bottom greenery for office blocks, apartment buildings and even skyscrapers, mainly through vertical planting and treescapes. To us at Vistafolia, this development resonates with our passion for creating better, human-centred environments with a natural look.

Natural forms nourish human health and productivity. We thrive in environments connecting us with natural systems and natural analogues like artwork, ornamentation or décor evoking colours, patterns and shapes found in nature. In creating Vistafolia, we have made it easy for people to luxuriate in refreshing and uplifting green surroundings, especially in built environments not conducive to real planting.

Through intensive product development, informed by decades of horticultural experience, our patent-pending green-wall system offers creative, flexible and instant greening solutions to address even the most complicated design considerations. We are equipping architects and interior designers with a new design tool to create innovative plant displays that transform facades into vertical showcases of colour, texture and composition. We also are providing design practitioners with another functional cladding option – vibrant green screening that minimises space wastage with our flat, modular panels that attach directly to most surfaces (no gaps between the wall and planters, as with real planting) using our unique fixing and self-tapping screws.

Consider our design solution for this basement light well, where an access ladder needed to be incorporated into the green-wall display. The grid design on our Signature Panels enabled us to easily cut the panels on site and custom-fit them to the wall, working around each rung of the access ladder and other in situ pipework. Our panels are so versatile they can be cut down to 100mm. strips, to fit the small spaces between the pipes. With additional foliage from our Colour Boxes, the installation took on a truly lush, organic countenance, with the plants weaving between the pipes. The staircase likewise looked like a modern piece of art work when incorporated into the display, rather than a functional element.

The artisanal qualities of our design are matched by our commitment to technical innovation. Each of our Signature Panels is lightweight, weighing approximately 11 kgs, made of a stainless steel frame of 10-year durability. The greenery components are manufactured to ISO quality standard 9001, fire-rated and UV-tested, and attached by hand to the stainless steel grid panels. We offer a three-year warranty on the product, a key product value. Another important feature is breathability, with free air flow through the panels.

From small home spaces to big, outdoor greening projects, Vistafolia presents creative greening possibilities for any environment. We believe we have an amazing product that we’re excited to see take off across sectors (hotels and property developments, corporate headquarters, public and retail spaces, homes) and global markets, complementing green building projects.

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