Artificial Green Wall

Artificial Green Wall

Candle House Green Wall

You only get one chance to make a first impression, and that’s why making your reception area attractive is as important now as it ever has been. Adding a Vistafolia artificial green wall to a space gives you that wow factor straight away, and by utilising our green wall products in a residential property, you can even increase the value of the property.

This multi-family residence in Leeds, West Yorkshire, a minutes walk from Leeds station, is arguably one of the most recognisable buildings in the city. As part of a refurbishment project, the foyer was to be improved to create a welcoming ambiance and along with the installation of an attractive new lighting set up, a vertical green wall was sought. The owner was keen to only work with a realistic solution, without the need for ongoing maintenance, and thus our green wall panels were the perfect product for the space.


Our beautiful artificial green wall system was designed by hand by award-winning horticulturalist Paul Alder, and manufactured to the highest possible quality standards, to give every single one of our clients a completely natural looking green wall that is impossible to distinguish from the real thing. Our ultra-realistic swathes of planting, accented by bold colours, accurate textures and clever planting logic all make for a wall that doesn’t look like a collection of panels, but rather one, continuous flow of stunning artificial foliage.

The client had spotted a case study from a previous installation that we’d completed in Central London, and wanted us to recreate this look on the wall. By adding in this detail with a striking combination of our lush green, trailing buxus and trailing ivy texture boxes, we were able to achieve an amazing look, bursting with life and interesting shapes that draw the eye and add that extra element of realism.

The whole installation was completed in less than 2 days, ensuring a minimum disruption to the residents of the building. And now, each of those residents is greeted by an eye-catching design feature as they enter the apartments, helping them to feel relaxed after a hard day at work. The benefits of installing a faux green wall should not be underestimated. As well as looking amazing, they can boost mental health and promote a sense of wellbeing, as well as creating a soothing ambience.

Vistafolia is committed to providing the very best solutions on the market, whether they be indoor or outdoor, large or small, commercial or residential. Our team are experienced in delivering excellence from start to finish, leaving every single client with a smile on their face.