Artificial Indoor Vertical Garden

Artificial Indoor Vertical Garden

Indoor Vertical Garden Design

Engineered for maximum flexibility, Vistafolia’s Artificial Indoor Vertical Garden provides the perfect design tool for creating green sanctuaries within the home.

For internal courtyards, which integrate nature and daylight into home or office spaces, Vistafolia presents homeowners with multiple possibilities how to design amazing green interiors. Our signature panels provide lush, maintenance-free vertical garden solutions to evoke abundant planting for traditional or naturalistic garden schemes.

For contemporary plans, the Vistafolia system enables bespoke feature walls that heighten the visual impact of the modern interior design.


This compact garden in Notting Hill, by garden designer Marianne Hunt, brings nature into the small, open-plan apartment, providing a bright, airy, greenery-accented environment for relaxation while creating the illusion of bigger space.

Artificial Feature Vertical Green Wall

An Artificial Indoor Vertical Garden provides a stunning focal point and nature-inspired set piece to the contemporary, minimal design. However, a living wall requires an air gap and irrigation system that would eat into the limited space. Internal courtyards also need to consider planting factors such as natural-light levels, ventilation and amount of shade, complicating the sustainability of a natural green wall.

Artificial green wall panels offer a creative, fuss-free solution that eliminates the need for watering and ample sunlight while maximising a small garden’s tight space.

Vistafolia’s customised solution for this small, contemporary garden reflects the sophisticated outlook of the space.

Our signature panels were mounted on a bespoke, powder-coated aluminum frame and installed on the existing boundary wall. The sleek, black frame strikingly set off the lush, green foliage, transforming the installation into a dramatic tapestry of colour and texture.

The room was complemented by a row of mixed planting within a low, raised bed by the perpendicular wall. Porcelain paving creates a crisp, clean look while a large mirror makes the garden look bigger. A large, sliding door offers clear views of the garden from inside the flat. The garden likewise can be espied from the upper-level driveway.

For a dramatic lighting effect, a Hunza sign light is fixed above the green wall.

Internal courtyards are an increasingly popular category of green interiors, establishing a strong connection between nature and people whilst extending living spaces for entertainment and children’s play. They heighten visual engagement with the interiors, surprising the eye with contrast elements and a refreshing green scenery.

Vistafolia widens the design repertoire of garden and landscape designers, enabling them to create innovative greenery displays for outdoor rooms, internal courtyards and traditional and contemporary garden schemes.