Artificial Vertical Green Wall

Artifical Vertical Green Wall

Outdoor Artificial Green Wall

Green walls are great. Not only do they provide you with stunning vertical artificial greenery, but they can provide a number of health benefits as well. But what happens when they go wrong? Beautiful as they are, the upkeep on them can prove to be expensive and laborious and the constant attention required means things can quickly go wrong. This large attractive garden in Primrose Hill had a live wall running along a length of fence to add a great visual focal point. But the water supply was accidentally cut off and within a matter of days, the wall had died. Rather than go through the cost of replacing the whole system, not to mention the potential for disaster to strike again, the client turned to outdoor green walls by Vistafolia® to provide a hassle-free alternative.


Vistafolia® were able to provide an inexpensive, realistic solution that would remove all the time and effort from the green wall. Once up, the panels do not require any ongoing maintenance and certainly no temperamental irrigation systems. And the market-leading 5-year UK warranty gave the client reassurance and complete peace of mind that it would stay looking its best for a long time to come.

Most importantly for the client, the straightforward nature of VistaFolia’s installation process meant that the artificial green wall was able to go up on the same day as the dead wall came down, ensuring no unsightly gaps in the fence. The empty frame that the panels needed to be installed into was already pre-determined and, although it didn’t suit exactly the standard 80cm x 80cm product size, the panels were easily cut to the correct dimensions and the offcut foliage re-used to ensure a minimum of wastage. By using one of our lush green colour boxes to add some additional bold textures, the client achieved a truly lifelike finish, perhaps even better than the original wall. The green wall goes hand in hand with the flowers and plants of the garden, without anyone suspecting the wall to be artificial.