Christian Dior green wall design

Christian Dior Green Break Out Area

Christian Dior Faux Green Walls

Christian Dior is easily one of the world’s most recognised and respected brand names. Their global presence is built on a reputation of offering style and luxury. And so, perhaps it is no surprise that they tasked Vistafolia with beautifying their staff breakout area at their flagship store on Bond Street in Central London.

The clients wanted to bring a touch of class to proceedings and create an energising and uplifting environment for their hard-working team to relax in away from the shop floor. A living green wall wouldn’t have been suitable for the darkened room and so an artificial solution was the natural choice. Given that some faux walls can look unrealistic, the client was conscious that the wall needed to look completely natural and were blown away by the quality of the Vistafolia product.


Our green walls are straightforward to install and can be adapted to any space, bringing a sense of calm to each and every environment that they adorn. Countless hours have gone into improving and perfecting the design of every single artificial plant on every single green wall panel. Our attention to detail is second to none, and out 100% pure colour pigments leave a completely natural finish every single time.

As well as our dedication to design, our commitment to certifying our product to the highest possible market standards means that our walls can be installed with complete confidence in our 5-year warranty. Our panels are tested to ensure UV longevity, as well as having a fire classification that is designed to comply with even the strictest market standards. In Dior’s case, this was an absolute must, as the stringent requirements for their store meant that other products simply wouldn’t stand up to scrutiny.

The panels were customised on site with our Lush Green Texture Box, and because the panels are highly customisable, we were also able to move around some of the larger plants above the seating to ensure that those sitting down wouldn’t have their head scratched to pieces. The benefit of having our boxes of extra foliage means that, any client wishing to mix up the design later down the line can do so quickly and easily.

Whether you’re a multinational brand with a wall to screen, or simply someone looking to bring a bit of extra greenery to your garden, Vistafolia is the one-stop solution from start to finish. Our team can guide you through the whole process from start to finish and provide the answer to your greening desires.