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Vistafolia® creates refreshing green environments that enhance people’s well-being.

Our signature panels can be utilised as eco-architectural elements incorporated into the overall biophilic design of a space, providing that critical connection with nature, especially for challenging areas where real planting is not feasible for privacy screening.

A chic, new property development in Lisbon looked out to a featureless concrete wall, giving a drab, unappealing front view for residents. A green wall would have solved the problem but the imposing height and close proximity of the vertical surface made any living wall a hugely complicated construction project. Maintenance also would have been costly and effortful.

The magnitude of this project underscored the ingenuity of Vistafolia’s design and engineering. Our innovative artificial green wall system was the perfect solution for the space, which required 850 signature panels to transform the concrete surface into a breathtaking tapestry of green.


The lightweight panels were easily manipulated into place at great heights and custom-fit to the exact dimensions of the wall. Each panel seamlessly connected to the next and any random arrangement yielded a beautiful, coherent planting design, and with lush, full coverage replicating nature’s growing patterns.

Residents of the new property development welcomed the inspiring sight of vibrant vertical greenery as they opened the window from their apartments, providing an instant perk-up to their day.

Biophilic design integrated nature, or elements evoking nature, into the built environment, providing individuals utilising the space with a palpable, stress-relieving connection with nature. A recent trend for eco-architecture has highlighted the practicality of artificial green wall systems which could complement or alternate with real planting to fulfill the requirements of biophilic design.

Our Lisbon feature wall would need little maintenance, just an occasional light hosing for cleaning, greatly reducing upkeep costs. The property’s managers likewise were assured of a fail-proof display, with the artificial green wall eliminating the need for sunlight and water. Our UV-tested and fire-rated panels also minimised fading and ensured environmental safety.

Vistafolia’s painstakingly detailed foliage panels looked like the real thing—you have to touch and smell them to discover otherwise. For contemporary lifestyles, we offer a new value proposition –fuss-free green spaces with versatile, creative applications; easy installation and maintenance; and practically the same therapeutic and aesthetic benefits as natural greening.