Stairway Green Wall

London Stairway Green Wall

Artificial Green Wall London

Most wall shapes tend to be rectangular. But when they aren’t, it could pose a problem for some green wall companies. But with Vistafolia, it’s never an issue. Our versatile products can easily be adapted to any shape, any size and any environment. So, when the team from 161 London contacted us about this property in Belgravia, London, we were only too happy to oblige, and left their client with a showstopping green wall that turned their garden from grey to green in no time at all.

The client had a small courtyard that was in need of some colour. They needed something that would last, and something that wouldn’t require endless hours of maintenance. The idea of a living wall was quickly discarded as they didn’t want the hassle of looking after it and, instead, turned to us to provide them with a planted wall solution that was kind on the pocket, and their busy schedule.


To further enhance the look of our green wall panels, the client opted for an exciting mix of extra lush green foliage from our texture box range, alongside beautiful lavender flowers from our colour boxes. Each plant makes the wall come alive and has left them with a stunning tapestry of hyper-realistic artificial plants that are befitting of any space. Every project is different, as is every taste and mood, and so the client was super impressed that they had 8 different varieties of finish to choose from.

Every single one of our products is fully UV and fire tested, so every client is assured of both longevity and safety. With a 5-year UK warranty, each customer gets complete peace of mind and can rest assured that they won’t need to splash out on costly replacements for the foreseeable future. Not only that, but our green wall panels are wind tested and freeze tested, so no matter what mother nature throws at them, they’ll never let you down.

Vistafolia panels combine the very best in British design with years of award-winning horticultural experience to deliver breath-taking artificial living wall solutions, designed to adorn anywhere your mind takes you. And with our commitment to excellence in innovation, we’re confident that our solutions will outperform all of the market competition. Our team of experts always provide exceptional service and can help guide you through your project from start to finish, leaving you with the green wall that you deserve.