Stunning Artificial Green Walls

Stunning Artificial Green Walls Brighton

Vistafolia transforms interior design schemes with high-impact feature walls and creative greenery displays. Our green walls create a refreshing focal point for residential and commercial interiors, providing an instant wow factor to the overall design.

The award-winning contractors and property agents behind a high-end developer showroom in Brighton sought out Vistafolia to create an attractive green wall to show off the interiors to dazzling effect.


Our expert team crafted a stunning green tapestry on a recessed wall with floating cabinets, softening the existing structure’s hard-edged, modern lines with beautiful, organic forms and a vibrant green contrast colour.

The artificial living green wall added a sense of movement to the contemporary look of the space, with our lush, life-like foliage exhibiting a convincing growing pattern to complement the quiet, minimalist elegance of the room.

The bespoke wall featured a remarkable depth of planting, combining classic greens in various tones and lengths and bursts of white flowers from Vistafolia’s Colour Box selections of individual add-on foliage.

The interiors were a showcase for property developers to view the work of Minton Young design and build contractors and Oakley commercial agents. The showroom was in a prominent Brighton location. Vistafolia was invited to showcase our green wall system to developers.

With easy installation and no maintenance required, Vistafolia is the ideal decorative greenery element for property showrooms. Our green walls enhance both classic and contemporary interiors, incorporating an aesthetic and therapeutic organic element into the design scheme. Our signature panels are suitable for all environments and can be customised to fit any surface dimension.

Vistafolia has gained a reputation for creating stunning artificial green walls that inspire and delight clients. The impressive variety of plants deliver luxurious greenery and colour, informed by over 30 years of horticultural expertise.

Design professionals increasingly look to Vistafolia for a highly flexible creative tool for imaginative greenery displays to heighten interior or exterior schemes. Engineered for maximum flexibility, the panels complement even the most challenging designs, where real planting is not an option due to surface, size, weight or lighting considerations.

Vistafolia offers the most aesthetically pleasing, life-like artificial foliage on the market, designed by award-winning British horticulturist Paul Alder, who deployed his deep knowledge of subtle horticultural techniques to create plant specimens that capture the exact colours, shadings and movements in nature and mimic natural growing patterns. The panels have been designed to overlap and fit together seamlessly for continuous, naturalistic foliage.