Green Wall Tapestries

Green Wall Tapestries

Green Wall Privacy Miami

Vistafolia and EasyGrass took the facade of this luxury condominium development to the next level with a stunning greenery mosaic. The mosaic, which is comprised of hundreds of Vistafolia’s Signature Panels was designed to create multiple green tapestries to complement the natural stonework of the frontage. The resulting feature wall, with its imposing breadth, softens the sleek lines of the contemporary designs whilst adding to the lush, urban oasis character of the development.

Featuring 330 luxury residences, the Harbor Condo Development is set in five acres of land including lush botanical gardens, with magnificent views of the Sunny Isles Bay from its two 26 storey towers, for the ultimate in waterfront living. Designed by the renowned Corvwil Architects, the owners were looking for a way to soften the stark lines of the complex.


Due to its versatile, Vistafolia was the perfect solution for quickly and easily adding depth and warmth to the Harbor Condo Development. Panels were added to the wall featuring the development’s nameplate and, a second wall was used to create a tapestry mosaic, highlighting the unique versatility of Vistafolia. World leaders in greenery Vistafolia’s research and development team is led by British award winner, Paul Alder, whose expertise has been harnessed to transform residences, corporate buildings, leisure facilities and more.

Vistafolia’s ISO certification and rigorous quality testing means that these outdoor tapestries are durable and hard-wearing as well as aesthetically pleasing for residents and visitors. This is particularly important for a harbour front residence such as this one where walls and vegetation are subject to weathering.

The grass is always greener… More and more consumers are choosing artificial turf and decorative green walls for sustainability reasons as well as the aesthetic benefits. In addition to requiring almost zero maintenance, they help to eliminate the use of harmful pesticides and promote conservation of water as well as being recyclable – great for your building, great for the planet.

The project was developed through collaboration with two innovative and progressive brands – Vistafolia and EasyGrass, both of which have been responsible for altering the public’s perception of artificial from fake to fabulous.

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Dedicated to creating beautiful and functional environments for work, rest and play, Vistafolia and EasyGrass come together to meet the evolving needs of customers looking for practical, beautiful, sustainable products at affordable prices.