Green Wall Foliage Panels

Green Wall Foliage Panels

Green Wall Privacy Screens London

In an increasingly busy world, studies show that many families get to spend as little as half an hour a day in each other’s company – which makes those all-important weekends even more vital for quality time with children and loved ones.

A family affair, Unfortunately, when the weekend comes around, most of us inevitably spend quite a chunk of it on necessary chores in and around the home, including gardening. Although having a garden to relax in is great for those summer days and nights, lawns, hedges and other foliage take up precious time – particularly in hot climates such as those around the Mediterranean – that could be spent more wisely.


In an age where a lot of families are cash and time poor, many are turning to the myriad of benefits of artificial turf and foliage used for privacy screening. For homes which contain children and pets, artificial turf provides a hard-wearing, safe and pleasantly scented alternative play area (as well as cutting down on those muddy foot and paw prints). For Mum and Dad, beautiful, a natural looking green wall adds all the relaxing luxury of natural vegetation, without any of the hassle.

In addition to the fact that artificial foliage helps busy parents to reclaim their family time, it also helps to keep our world turning. Artificial green walls and turf help to reduce water waste and dispense with the need for pesticides which contain planet-harmful chemicals. As if that’s not enough, most artificial foliage is recyclable, meaning that families can change their garden to suit the seasons, entirely guilt free. Artificial green walls and artificial grass make the perfect partners when it comes to transforming an outdoor area into a fun filled zone that can be used throughout the year. Minimal upkeep requirements give families the quality time, they deserve.

Best of all, these days, the use of new technology and processes means that artificial foliage is more natural looking than ever before, meaning no shiny plastic leaves or unnatural looking grasses – so nobody else ever need know that you haven’t spent the whole weekend working hard on your garden instead of relaxing with those who mean the most to you.