Artificial Green Wall

Artificial Green Wall

Artificial Green Walls Russia

Vistafolia’s instant artificial living green walls are the perfect backdrop for special events, exhibition spaces and showrooms, creating interest and contrast to enhance artworks, showcased products and displays.

Our work for the Erarta Museum, Russia’s largest private museum of contemporary art, demonstrates how Vistafolia® has been creating synergies with design-focused brands and institutions.

Known for its vast permanent collection and for unique temporary exhibitions and creative projects aimed at starting contemporary-art conversations, the Erarta Museum in the heart of St. Petersburg is at the forefront of artistic and design innovation, the vertical garden privacy screen enhanced the exhibition.


To complement its thought-provoking exhibits, such as that of the surrealist Salvador Dali’s sculptures, the museum commissioned Vistafolia® to create attractive greenery installations in its exhibition spaces. Vistafolia® supplied 144 of our fire-rated Signature Panels to dress up exhibition walls and pillars, creating a lush, stunning garden environment to display works of art.

Vistafolia® collaborated with the museum to imagine the garden setting, having been supplied with a 3D rendering of the space and Erarta’s vision for the area. Our design team presented Erarta with a cost-effective, low-maintenance privacy screening solution for the imposing space. Our technical support team expertly guided the museum on installation and provided advice on the fitting of our easy-to-install panels.

Through our extensive knowledge of exporting internationally, Vistafolia® ably negotiated the complex environment of Russian customs to ensure a smooth partnership from start to finish.

The greenery backdrops heightened the dramatic effect of Dali’s monumental sculptures, creating a poetic atmosphere for the extravagant bronze sculptures, some of them larger-than-life works.

A growing number of international design leaders recognise Vistafolia’s innovativeness, technical excellence and outstanding quality and product performance, finding creative applications and combinations for our Signature Panels and Colour Box selections with their own products and services.

Museums provide a creative environment to showcase Vistafolia’s artificial green walls versatility. We answer the need for quickly installed and manipulated greenery backdrops that mimic nature’s luxuriant character and refreshing effect.

Vistafolia® is also increasingly the choice of design professionals. For technical specifications, click here.