Lisbon Fashion Week Green wall design

Lisbon Fashion Week

Lisbon Fashion Week Green Wall

When you think about it, Lisbon Fashion Week and VistaGreen go hand in hand. In both cases it’s a celebration of exciting design, stunning aesthetics and the very best the market has to offer. So when VistaGreen’s Portuguese partner Wonderwall were approached to provide an attractive backdrop for one of the many catwalks on display, they had just the thing for it: an ultra-realistic faux green wall. The biggest challenge was keeping the photographer’s attention on the models and not on our display!

VistaGreen is extremely versatile and can be installed in virtually any location which made it the ideal product for this application. Our ingenious fixing system allowed for smooth, hassle-free installation that could be done in hours rather than days. Real plants simply would have taken too long to install and would have proved too expensive for something that was on display for a limited time. The Signature Panel’s clever design also meant that the wall was completely seamless as soon as it had been installed and didn’t require any time to let the plants to ‘settle’ as a real wall would.

The client also needed the product to comply with local regulations regarding fire safety. VistaGreen’s commitment and dedication to testing meant that our certification was actually higher than what they were looking for and perfectly suitable for the event.

Something that drew the organisers towards VistaGreen was our impressive portfolio of recognisable and high-profile former clients. By selecting a product that was trusted by some of the most discerning clients from across the globe, it was clear that they would have no issues with the quality and superiority of the system.

VistaGreen is the number 1 solution for greening up spaces that need a burst of nature. Whether indoor or outdoor, small or large, any space can benefit from our stylish system. Why not get in touch with VistaGreen today and challenge us to come up with a solution for your space?