fortworth terrace green wall trailing ivy

Office Terrace Green Wall

London Office Terrace Green Wall

We’re often asked whether there are any limits to the Vistafolia system and the answer is simple: the applications of our green walls are limited only by your imagination. Whether indoor or outdoor, residential or commercial, large or small, every space can benefit from our products. In some cases, we get the opportunity to combine large and small spaces on the same project.

This North London office building, occupied by Argonon Ltd, is a great example of such a project, with them wanting to beautify a section of bland walling that was a little ugly on the eye, while requiring a practical solution that would deter any would-be trespassers. For the large wall, we adorned it with our luxurious green panels, customised with exciting bursts of lavender. In no time at all, the client went from having unsightly brickwork, to a maintenance free, lush green swathe of planting befitting of any environment.


The top of the wall was a slightly more unusual installation. Though our panels are designed for vertical installation, there is no reason that they won’t be right at home on a horizontal plane. Because the panels can be cut to any size, adapting them to the dimensions of the wall wasn’t an issue. Our expert installation team trimmed the panels to the correct size, and set about adjusting the foliage to ensure it would still protrude from the panel without gravity weighing it down.

But although the panels looked fantastic when viewed from above, those at ground level wouldn’t reap any of the benefits of their investment. That’s where the trailing buxus texture box came in. by adding the foliage to the edges of the panel and letting them hang down around the sides, even the side of the wall starts to look a little more inviting. Most trailing plants on the market are manufactured from silk which is not UV safe. And so, it was relief of the client that every single Vistafolia plant is made to the same exacting standards, and fully compliant with ISO9001 quality control standards. Our commitment to testing means that we’re able to ensure the longevity of our products for a long time off the back of our strict UV tests. And not only are the protected against the sunlight, but they’re also fully fire tested, meaning safety, as well as peace of mind.

Vistafolia’s artificial green walls are the perfect solution for any space that needs brightening. Without a need for light, water or maintenance, it’s no wonder that clients all across the world are turning to us to come up with solutions for their green wall needs.