Hollywood Oscars Party Green Wall

Hollywood Oscars Party Green Wall

Luxurious Green Walls – Greenery Hollywood

Vistafolia had the special honour of dressing up this chic, custom-built space for the 2018 Vanity Fair Oscars Party with a breath-taking luxurious green walls where Hollywood’s elite had their photographs taken.

The exclusive event, an annual awards night tradition, was held at a dedicated venue near the Wallis Annenberg Center and the Beverly Hills City Hall in California, and was hosted by Vanity Fair’s Radhika Jones. Vistafolia’s stunning foliage provided a beautiful organic complement to the Vanity Fair marquee signage and the impressive 50-foot bar. The green wall also created a luxurious backdrop for the lounge area.

The commission highlighted Vistafolia’s excellent reputation as the product of choice for the world’s best brands, preferred by highly discerning design professionals. Manufactured to the highest quality standards and engineered for optimum flexibility, Vistafolia offers creative design inspirations for innovative and complementary plant displays, privacy screening that transform facades into stunning vertical showcases of colour, texture and composition.


Architects and interior designers appreciate the limitless creative applications of the product, which could be fitted to any design specification, surface or dimension with ease and cost- and time-efficiency. For both permanent and temporary installations, Vistafolia offers design professionals a new tool to create stunning spaces. For contemporary design projects, such as the Vanity Fair space, Vistafolia’s life-like foliage panels soften up sleek, architectural lines, adding warmth and vibrant colour.

Providing both practical and creative, decorative greening for a wide range of sectors, from hotels and property developments, corporate headquarters and public spaces, to homes and offices, retail stores, gyms and gardens, Vistafolia creates instantly refreshing green environments.

Our painstakingly detailed foliage panels look like the real thing – you have to touch and smell them to discover otherwise. For contemporary lifestyles, enterprises as well as special events, we offer a new value proposition: fuss-free green spaces with versatile applications; easy installation and maintenance; and practically the same therapeutic and aesthetic benefits as natural greening.

Vistafolia artificial greenery presents a new way of thinking green – offering real consumer value (aesthetic, therapeutic, time- and cost-effective) at no environmental cost.

The naturalistic, random arrangement of the foliage on Vistafolia’s artificial green wall panels mimics the natural growing patterns of living plants, creating a realistic evocation of nature that provides the same aesthetic and therapeutic benefits as real planting. With its life-like foliage panels that perfectly capture the colours, forms and movements found in nature, Vistafolia creates environments with a natural look that provide a sustained and uplifting affiliation with nature, the perfect backdrop for any special occasion.