Luxury Green Wall

Luxury Green Wall

Artificial Living Green Wall Chelsea

A rooftop is just the combinations of brick, concrete and steel, so adding a luxury pallet of artificial green wall will soften the edge and transform the rough chimney stack into an eye catching rooftop vertical garden feature.

In the concrete jungle, you feel under stress and trying to find space to breathe in and take delight of a nice view, office courtyards, parks sometimes offer a nice relief from city living, but it isn’t home.

However, if you are lucky to have your very own rooftop screening space but this still feels like another slab of dull concrete, Vistafolia® artificial green wall panel manufacturers can help you to transform that space.


The designers specified Vistafolia® to install and customise the signature panel artificial living green walls to form the backdrop to this seating area. The panels were installed, so you could still see the chimney stacks. This only added to the atmosphere of sitting on a London roof terrace. Just adding this green wall really transform the space and all though it is artificial it still stimulates the feel of real plants and will last for years with no maintenance. After dark it took on another feel with a hint of lighting on the wall and a few candles and the space is complete and ready to relax in.