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Vistafolia® is perfectly suited to any environment, whether indoor or outdoor spaces. And their maintenance-free nature allows them to bring instant greenery to any space to be enjoyed for years to come. More importantly, it is designed to be as realistic as possible and made to the highest, measurable quality standards.

At this luxury furniture store in Sweden, Vistafolia® was the perfect fit for a company with a refined ethos for their business. They were looking for a maintenance-free green wall that also met with their passion for offering customers the very best products available, cutting edge design and most of all, a sense of realism. The selection and layout of plants on the panel have been designed by a team of dedicated individuals with years of horticultural experience, leaving the most realistic artificial foliage available on the market. As the room allows no natural light, a real wall was not an option and as such, Vistafolia’s Signature green wall panels were ideal for this project, bringing a stunning feature wall to their showroom to rival the real thing.


Our delicate white colour box was utilised to add a burst of bright colour to the wall to give an interesting focal point. The installation was straightforward and was completed in one day with a minimum of fuss, leaving the client completely satisfied with a wall that, while modest in size, still packs a visual punch. The utilisation of lighting from all sides of the wall compliments the 3D textures that the wall has to offer, casting shadows across the wall and adding a depth which only enhances the lifelike aesthetic that the Signature panels offer.