Restaurant Interior green wall Design

Restaurant Interior Design

Green Wall Interior Design

Some of Portugal’s finest restaurants and residences have discovered restaurant interior design with Vistafolia®, taking their interiors to the next level with amazing greenery displays that heighten the inviting atmosphere for guests and homeowners.

Our vibrant fashionable ‘Green Wall’ becomes an important feature element for the refurbished interiors of the upscale Vela Latina restaurant in Lisbon. Located in the popular district of Belem, Vela Latina is known for its excellent Portuguese and Mediterranean cuisine and stylish, waterfront ambience.


Creating a luxurious foliage wall for the prominent terrace space, Vistafolia amplifies the urban safari theme of the remodeled restaurant, which is decorated with striking photographs of wild animals and eye-catching, structured planting. Our green wall provides an attractive counterpoint to the restaurant’s wine collection on the adjacent wall.

Another chic restaurant, in the Oeiras municipality, gave its elegant bar a green facelift, mounting a small greenery display behind the bar using several of our signature panels. The green feature brightens up the bar environment, dominated by the earthy tones of the wood panelling. A living wall would have been a challenging project for such a narrow, limited space.

For putting a refreshing spin on bathroom design, Vistafolia is unparalleled in evoking abundance and sumptuousness. Our green panels were custom-fit into the recessed wall of a sleek, modern bathroom in a Lisbon apartment, accentuating the room’s black and white palette with sprays of lush green. Seemingly tumbling out of the tall niche, the foilage creates movement and a natural, softening element to the reflective surfaces of the granite tiles and porcelain toilet. Using real plants for the wall would have been extremely difficult due to the lack of natural sunlight pouring into the space.

For commercial establishments looking for a stunning vertical greenery display to wow clients, Vistafolia offers its highly flexible and customisable vertical garden solution for instant green walls that create memorable customer experiences.

Our signature panels are particularly suited for restaurants and hospitality businesses with high customer traffic, as a beautiful decorative element that can be put up in less than a day, with minimal disruption to operations. Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre and attach to any vertical surface, the panels create lush, seamless plant walls that spark conversations and provide a stimulating environment for dining and relaxation.

The flexibility of the Vistafolia system enables restaurant interior design and interior designers to create imaginative green spaces for client-facing enterprises, adding an invogorating organic element to both traditional and contemporary design schemes.