Roche Bobois Hollywood Showroom plant wall

Roche Bobois Hollywood Showroom

Greenery Hollywood

French luxury furniture brand Roche Bobois commissioned Vistafolia to create stunning vertical plant displays in its West Hollywood showroom in California, providing customers with design inspiration how to incorporate beautiful greenery into home and office spaces with style and ease.

The project is the perfect example of the natural synergy between Vistafolia and leading names and brands in design. Many international design leaders recognise Vistafolia’s innovativeness, technical excellence and outstanding quality and product performance, finding creative applications and combinations for our Vistafolia panels and exciting range of Colour and Texture Boxes with their own products and services.

Roche Bobois is a pioneering contemporary furniture company and is known for iconic designs such as the Mah Jong sofa. It continues to be a major influence in the world of design, collaborating with prominent designers, manufacturers and fashion luminaries such as Jean-Paul Gaultier, Missoni and Sonia Rykiel. Showcasing the best of contemporary furniture design in 225 showrooms worldwide, the brand represents the ultimate in luxury and fine taste.


The gold standard in greenery is of course Vistafolia, the only product in the market that can meet Roche Bobois’ rigorous standards of design excellence and quality manufacturing and finish. Our replica green walls push the boundaries of what is possible while delivering the very best solutions every single time.

In Roche Bobois’ luxurious West Hollywood showroom, customers are presented the brand’s newest collections of furniture and home furnishings and helped walk through the project planning process by its expert team. Vistafolia’s stunning, free-standing green walls, placed strategically across the vast showroom environment, create excellent backdrops for the sophisticated furniture designs and focal points to direct the eye through the extensive interior space.

Our deluxe vertical displays provide a refreshing, natural look, and elegant counterpoint to the modern lines of the contemporary furniture and spark customers’ imagination about the many ways our green wall solution can transform their living and working spaces.

Increasingly the choice of design practitioners, Vistafolia privacy screening is building a global design market for its artificial green wall system, a ground-breaking design solution that delivers lush-looking, creative ideas and versatile green spaces for both interiors and exteriors in an easily-assembled and practical modular system. Manufactured to last, Vistafolia is the only artificial green wall system in the market that meets stringent international import requirements, with its ISO 9001 certification, and fire- and UV-tested to ISO standards.