Living Green Wall

Living Green Wall

South London Living Green Wall Extension

At Vistafolia, we really do appreciate the value that living green walls add. They look fantastic and make a welcome addition to any space. But we’re also acutely aware that real walls pose their own problems. They can be weighty, require excessive maintenance and may simply die eventually, no matter how much time and energy you put into them. Every single artificial plant that goes onto our green wall panels is painstakingly perfected over a long, arduous process to ensure that our green walls look as good as the real thing.


Looking as good as the real thing can be hard to quantify, but every now and again we get the chance to put our claim to the test. The owner of this South London Courtyard had a living green wall in place, attached to an existing wall. The problem was however that the green wall didn’t allow as much privacy as they wanted. As much as they loved what they had, extending upwards simply wasn’t an option because of the loads required to support the system. Conversely, our panels weigh only 7kg, making them lightweight and versatile and so it was decided that we could simply build a timber frame and install a row of panels at the top of the wall. The additional height afforded the client a little more privacy, without having to compromise with what they had in place.

To assist with the blend between the existing wall and our artificial panels, our trailing ivy texture box was utilised. These plants are easy to manipulate into virtually any shape and thus, the transition is virtually seamless. Additionally, having a mixture of 17 different types of ultra-realistic foliage on each panel meant that it easily mirrored the varied tapestry of plants and flowers found on the existing wall.

Our green walls are straightforward to install and the perfect solution for spaces large and small, indoor or outdoor. Our commitment to testing also means that, while this customer’s green wall may change from season to season, our green walls will stay looking at their best with an absolute minimum of upkeep. Apart from light hosing from time to time, nothing else is ever required to keep our green wall panels in top condition.

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