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Workplace Wellbeing

Workplace Wellbeing Greenery

Workplace well-being has become a top priority for today’s leading companies. Green environments are known to boost productivity, increase employee engagement and provide the ‘biophilic’ affiliation with nature that humans crave.

Top tech companies and innovative start-ups are particularly drawn to inspirational, flexible and fun workspaces where employees can create and collaborate. Increasingly, they are integrating green design and eco-friendly features as part of an overall sustainability ethic. Vistafolia® has worked with a number of technology companies and innovation hubs to put up stunning artificial green walls that become focal points of these green offices. HELIS, a forward-looking IT and gaming-oriented company based in Lithuania, has commissioned Vistafolia® to create breathtaking green spaces within its office’s stimulating environment, which is bright, colourful and designed to enable employees to ideate and ‘change the rules of the game’. The green walls complemented the colour palette of the office and provided an attractive textural contrast to surfaces such as wooden panels and metal finishes.


Vistafolia® installed three green walls in HELIS’ Kaunas office to amplify the company message of innovation and disruption. Our impressive green wall graced the lounge area and created a beautiful backdrop to the company motto. The lounge featured a game machine created by HELIS employees and is an ideal location for productive relaxation.

A second green wall was put up in the company kitchen, to create a soothing and convivial atmosphere during lunch and coffee breaks. The third green wall dressed up a cozy conference room, making it more conducive to collaboration.

The architects appreciated the excellent quality of our product, which its flexible design that can fit into any space requirements and the vibrancy of our foliage, which faithfully captures the colours, textures and movement of real plants. Being low maintenance and having no need of water, sunlight or artificial lighting, our signature panels also were ideal for a busy workplace where employees are constantly moving about and brainstorming the next big idea. The panel design likewise saved space, enabling the architects to incorporate more design elements into this youthful workspace.

Being innovators, HELIS recognised the ingenuity of Vistafolia’s design engineering, a combination of simplicity of function, personalisation and stylish outlook. The fire-rated panels appealed to the company, giving them peace of mind and maximum safety for employees. Our lush green walls have created ‘collision spaces’ within the office, encouraging the high-level personal interactions that produce innovative ideas in cutting-edge tech companies.