Is there a cost for shipping of Vistafolia products?

Yes, there is a cost for shipping but the cost is dependent on a few factors:

  • Location: If you live in a very rural area with little to no infrastructure then shipping cost may be higher due to the difficulties of transportation.
  • Size of Order: If you order a few panels, then most likely you will get a low cost for shipping. However larger orders may be subject to higher shipping costs due to the sheer size of the order and its effect on transportation.
  • External Factors: Things aren’t quite back to normal just yet, so therefore there are somethings that might just be out of our control. However, we won’t just spring these costs on you last minute. Have a chat with our sales team if you are unsure or when making an order and they can offer you a more accurate price for shipping and can even make special arrangements so that everything is easier for you.

Give us a call on: +44 2073851020 and speak to our fantastic sales team. We are here to help!

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