A Vistafolia artificial green wall installation on a garden fence

How do you know that the green wall you’re buying is of good quality?

A green wall can be a great feature that transforms a space and brings vibrancy and life to interiors or exteriors. However, not all green walls are made the same. If you want to make sure that the green wall you’re buying isn’t just a cheap, mass-produced product that won’t stand up to the test of time, then there are some essential features to look out for.

Why invest in a green wall at all?

The green wall has become a burgeoning trend in built up environments in recent years. Also known as vertical gardens, these walls can bring a touch of greenery to any environment whether big or small, indoor or outdoor. Green walls have many visual benefits and can bring some welcome relief in a space that is mostly made up of concrete, brick and glass. They can have a calming influence and even help to reduce aggressive behaviours. Green walls made from artificial plants have cost and maintenance benefits that make them incredibly attractive. However, it’s important to ensure that the green wall you’re buying lives up to expectations where aesthetics and quality are concerned.

How to make sure you get the right green wall

  • Look for a UV certification. This will show that the product has been tested and will deliver more consistency for longer. If you’re not able to obtain a UV certification but the product has still been tested then it may be necessary to get a better understanding of the irradiance level on the test, as well as the duration as a lot of factories only UV test over the course of 3 months or so as supposed to 4-5 years+. Remember, if a company has a UV certificate, there shouldn’t be any reason for them to not share it with you.
  • Is the product fire rated? Artificial green walls need to be tested for fire resistance. Depending on how the green wall has been put together, it may or may not present an increased fire risk to the area around it. Fire retardants can be added into products in a green wall to make them more fire resistant and the use of materials such as cement which are fireproof can ensure that the green wall has a higher fire rating. The Bs1d0 fire rating that Vistafolia’s products hold is the highest available on the market. Make sure that you look closely at the testing that has been carried out on green walls as some companies don’t test to relevant levels or rely on fabric tests that don’t represent the overall product performance. With any tests it’s also very important to identify whether these tests are in the name of the company you’re buying from or simply of the overseas factory that the company bought materials from.
  • Are you being offered a warranty? If no warranty is offered then this is often a bad sign in terms of the quality of the product. Most businesses that have confidence in their products will be able to offer a reasonable warranty that goes above and beyond consumer protections that are a given as statutory rights. Vistafolia’s 5-year warranty is currently unmatched on the market.

To summarise, buying a green wall is a great investment and there are many benefits in doing so. What is absolutely critical is to ensure that the green wall that you’re buying meets standards of quality and safety and isn’t just going to fall apart and fade as soon as you’ve put it up.Find out about our quality control here… https://vistafolia.com/en-us/Products/Fixings/Technical


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