Stairway Green Wall

PROJECT SPOTLIGHT: Covent Garden Lightwell Green Wall

In the heart of Covent Garden, a remarkable residential green wall stands as a testament to patience, meticulous design, and the unrivaled quality of Vistafolia. This blog post unveils the journey behind this large-scale project, highlighting the client’s quest for a sustainable and low-maintenance alternative to a real living green wall.

A Long-Awaited Masterpiece

Due to unforeseen circumstances caused by the Covid pandemic, the client’s return to the UK was delayed, pushing the realization of the green wall project by nearly two years. However, the wait proved to be worthwhile, as the final installation left everyone breathless with its sheer magnificence.

Seeking a Better Solution

Initially, the client had a real living green wall. However, the challenges of extended periods away and the laborious maintenance, along with ongoing costs, prompted the search for a more suitable option. Enter Vistafolia, offering a comprehensive solution tailored to the client’s needs. With an exceptional design team overseeing the project’s specifics and skilled installation specialists completing the work in a mere two weeks, Vistafolia’s full start-to-finish service surpassed all other competitors.

The Design Journey

For the green wall’s design, the client chose to incorporate various varieties of Colour and Texture Boxes from Vistafolia’s collection. The main section radiates with the vibrant lush green foliage, while the lower faux green wall area is adorned with the delicate hues of Soft Lavender and Delicate White options. This carefully curated selection creates a mesmerizing replica living wall that remains verdant throughout the year.

Unmatched Quality and Sustainability

Beyond its beauty, the Vistafolia green wall provides peace of mind for the client, particularly during travels. The artificial foliage is protected by a 5-year warranty against sun-induced fading, and its best-in-class fire rating ensures durability in even the most challenging conditions. Sustainability was paramount for the client, and Vistafolia’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of eco-friendly artificial plants made it the perfect choice.

Leading the Way in Replica Living Walls

As the popularity of replica living walls continues to soar, Vistafolia remains at the forefront of innovation. Their dedicated research team consistently pushes the limits of what is achievable with artificial plants. The client’s desire for a sustainable and environmentally conscious green wall was perfectly met by Vistafolia, whose unwavering commitment to sustainability sets them apart in the market.

Embark on Your Vistafolia Journey

Inspired to create your own residential green wall in London or elsewhere? Look no further than Vistafolia. Connect with our team of experts today, and let us guide you on a remarkable journey to transform your space into a flourishing oasis of greenery. Experience the unrivaled quality, sustainability, and beauty that Vistafolia offers.


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