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The Wellbeing Benefits of Vistafolia – 5 Examples from the Retail Sector

At a time when the competition for customers on the high street has never been higher, retailers are having to come up with ingenious ways of making their store stand out from the rest and creating that real point of difference. And what better way to grab attention than with a stunning vertical green wall?

Vistafolia have been lucky enough to work with a wide range of retail clients over the years and our green walls have made a real difference to their business. And more often than not, the feedback is about the added value that the Vistafolia green wall product has generated with regards to the happiness and wellbeing of their staff and customers. It’s long been established that living green walls can have positive mental effects on those around them, but perhaps less understood is the similar impact that realistic alternatives can also have.

Below are 5 examples of retailers that are reaping the wellbeing rewards that Vistafolia has to offer.

1 – Waasland Shopping Centre, Sint Niklaas, Belgium

Installed in conjunction with AnyGreen, Vistafolia’s partners in Belgium, this shopping centre boasts over 140 retail tenants, and sees over 6 million visitors every through its doors every year. The owners wanted to make the centre a little more colourful and create a peaceful ambience for shoppers to enjoy. By adding some of our ultra-realistic greenery to the sides of their escalators, they were able to add a point of interest, that also worked seamlessly alongside the real plants that they had in planters at the bases. But, more importantly, the addition of our green wall panels was in part responsible for an increase in overall customer satisfaction, as well as making the shopping centre a happier place to come and shop.

The Wellbeing Benefits of Vistafolia – 5 Examples from the Retail Sector

2 – KappAhl Flagship Store, Gothenburg, Sweden

For retailers, the flagship store is the location that best represents you as a business and showcases the very best about you. For KappAhl, this was no different, and they were too keen to give the ultimate first impression, while showing off their eco-credentials. By installing a large replica green wall near the front of the store, the shop becomes welcoming and inviting, and beckons the customer forward. And because they opted for an artificial solution, there are no ongoing maintenance requirements, no costs for chemical or water usage, and because Vistafolia green walls contain less plastic per m2 than a real living wall, their environmental impact is minimised. Alongside the entrance green wall, there are pockets of greenery around the store too, meaning that shoppers feel relaxed as they go about finding the latest fashion trend.

3 – CityLife Shopping Centre, Milan, Italy

Milan has long been associated with the finer things in life, with a touch of class. It’s no surprise then, that they opted for the very best in artificial greenery. Shopping can be stressful when it’s a busy day, and after hours walking round the stores can take its toll on your fee. When it comes to sitting down, taking the weight off and refreshing yourself with a cup of coffee, you want to be able to unwind. By enhancing the soothing power of Vistafolia’s ultra-realistic faux foliage, the owners of the shopping centre were able to create the perfect relaxing environment around the food court. Invigorated, the customers are then ready to hit the shops again!

4 – Christian Dior Flagship Store, London, UK

A happy customer spends more, of this there is no doubt. But what about a happy worker? If your employee on the shop floor isn’t able to give it their all, then the customer service may slip. Christian Dior decided that the best way to give their staff the best start to the day was to green up their breakout area. Now, when someone comes on to start their shift, they’re looking upon our beautiful, natural looking green wall. The mental wellbeing benefits of having realistic artificial greenery should not be underestimated and can be the key to keeping your workforce happy and motivated.

The Wellbeing Benefits of Vistafolia – 5 Examples from the Retail Sector

5 – Roche Bobois, California, USA

The similarities between Vistafolia and Roche Bobois are numerous. Both specialise in offering the very best in their industry, and both have customer service right at the top of their agenda. By utilising Vistafolia green wall panels to enhance the aesthetics of their Hollywood showroom, customers are able to enjoy a beautiful looking environment that is warm and inviting, and encourages clients to take their time while browsing the stunning pieces on offer. It’s much easier to visualise yourself enjoying something in your home when you feel relaxed, and so creating an ambience that can help you unwind is key to Roche Bobois’ success.

Vistafolia’s artificial green wall solutions are of the absolute highest quality and are at home anywhere your mind takes them, whether that be in a commercial setting, or in the comfort of your own home. On top of the numerous benefits that the products can offer in terms of screening unsightly areas, acoustic improvements, and improved overall aesthetics, it’s perhaps the advantages with regards to improved wellbeing that are now coming to the forefront of the public’s conscious, and as such, now is the best time to create your own lush oasis of greenery and soothe your mind.


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