Artificial Green Walls for Homes

Whether in a garden, or reimagining empty wall space, Vistafolia’s artificial green wall solutions offer unique centerpieces designed to uplift any setting, including a variety of homes, remote offices, gardens, and more.

Choose the Most Realistic Artificial Green Wall for Your Home

When it comes to picking a replica living wall for your home, realism should be top of your agenda. You’ll see your green wall every day, get close to it, touch it, and proudly share it with your guests.

At Vistafolia, we’re proud to have developed artificial green wall panels that are virtually indistinguishable from any living wall. Planting patterns, varied heights and textures, plant density, overlap and the materials used all affect the natural look and feel of your green wall. We’ve considered it all, so you only need to worry about where you want to place your gorgeous wall.

Revitalize your Home Office with an Artificial Green Wall

Whether you want a background for your Zoom calls, or simply a calming atmosphere to be productive in, the rise of homeworking has meant people want to invest in a home office that is naturally stunning yet easy to maintain.

Whereas real foliage can be harder to maintain, artificial solutions are often preferred by busy households that don’t want to compromise on style. Better yet, our solutions are ideal for home offices, which create tranquil settings for those working remotely.

Outdoor Innovation with Artificial Green Walls for Gardens

Living green walls need irrigation systems, the right amount of light and a balance of temperatures, something that not every garden can support.

Artificial green walls reduce this complication, allowing for foliage in otherwise complicated spots, are UV tested, which is ideal for sunlit spots, and can withstand a variety of temperatures. They’re also not susceptible to damp, so can be used to complement water features in a variety of gardens.

Green Tranquillity with Artificial Living Walls for Bathrooms

Bathrooms require easy to clean and damp resistant décor, and while real plants often work potted, they don’t last in a green wall due to the substrate required to keep them alive.

Our artificial green walls are perfect for your bathroom. They are able to withstand all kinds of temperature, humidity and light conditions and bring a stunning uniqueness to these relaxing rooms.

Artificial Green Walls Residential

Make a Statement Artificial

Green Walls for Living Rooms

Green walls were once only a common feature of trendy offices or city gardens, but recent trends have seen the adorn the household interiors and living rooms.

Complimenting both modern and traditional looks, an artificial green wall can bring natural beauty to any sitting room. An artificial option like the Vistafolia green wall means no worries about damp, constant watering or dying plants.

Easily shaped, and customizable with our unique colour and texture packs, is a flexible creative tool for any interior designer or home enthusiast to work with.

Real vs Artificial Green Walls for Homes?

Designed by professional horticultural experts with over 30 years’ experience, our hyper realistic artificial green walls add texture and drama to a home. Here are a few reasons to go for a Vistafolia artificial solution if you’re still on the fence:

  • More cost-effective in the short- and long-term
  • Much lower profile than natural green walls
  • Suitable for positions with low light or variable temperatures
  • No watering, feeding, pruning or replacing plants. And they definitely won’t attract insects!

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