Vistafolia® Artificial Plants

Discover Vistafolia’s selection of ultra-realistic, unpotted artificial plants – from fresh and delicate white blossoms to lush wild grasses. All of our artificial plants can be used to customize our green wall panels, or, they can be used decoratively in and around your home.

Complete Planting Freedom with Vistafolia®

Unlike most artificial plants that are bought in pots, Vistafolia’s selection of ultra-realistic artificial plants come loose and unpotted – this means that you can use them how and where you want. Our unpotted artificial plants can be used in:

  • Pots
  • Planters
  • Hanging planters
  • Baskets
  • Vases
  • Floral arrangements
  • Customizing walls

Colour Box Choices

Delicate White

Artificial Small White Flowers

A sprinkle of delicate, white summer blossoms and gentle greens.

Spring Pink

Artificial Spring Pink Flowers

Subtle spring pink flowers nestled in earthy greenery for a touch of elegance.

Forest Flame

Artificial Red Flowering Pieris

Stunning fiery red Pieris nestled in with thick green foliage.

Soft Lavender

Artificial Lavender Plants

Beautiful, pops of purple lavender and blossoms combined with lush greenery.

Texture Box Choices

Lush Green

Artificial Greenery Stems

Ideal for an earthy arrangement – discover wild grasses and layered ferns.

Trailing Ivy

Artificial Ivy Plants

Adding a wild touch, our trailing ivy is ideal for baskets and planters.

Trailing Buxus

Artificial Trailing Buxus

Lush green textured Buxus (Common Box) to add volume and fresh vibrancy.

Large Grasses

Artificial Tall Grass Stems

Green and burgundy 18” grasses, perfect for adding dimension.

Why Choose Vistafolia® Artificial Plants?

We pride ourselves on the realism of our lush artificial plants. Detail is key, and each plant has a stamp of ‘VG’ for authenticity, so you know you’re getting a quality product. Vistafolia greenery stands the test of time and won’t fade in sunlight – so you can place your plants wherever you please.

  • Ultra-realistic
  • Freedom – no restrictive pots
  • 100% pure colour pigments
  • 5-year warranty
  • UV & IFR Technology
  • Effortless mix & match

In Need of Some Inspiration?

When it comes to arranging Vistafolia’s unpotted artificial plants, the possibilities are endless. Get inspired and take a look at these breath-taking creations below…

Interested in Ordering Our Artificial Plants?

For information on prices and to place an order for any of our artificial plants, please get in touch and we will get put your order through.