Adaptable Artificial Green Wall

Green Wall Panels San Antonio

Through the looking glass – Vistafolia creates magical garden for US client. We were recently honoured to be asked to create a magical Alice in Wonderland style garden for a client in the United States and, our team was more than happy to oblige.

The client was looking to combine a comfortable outdoor seating area with a touch of theatre to bring it out of the ordinary. The garden, which featured Queen Anne style chairs and a distinctive white wrought-iron staircase, lent itself perfectly to the talents of the Vistafolia creative team.


The seating in the garden and the staircase inspired the team to create a masterpiece reminiscent of Lewis Carroll’s own masterpiece. A fresh and billowing curtain was added to a white wrought iron swing with matching cushions for the seating. Large art-deco mirrors were placed strategically in order to catch and reflect light as well as adding a whimsical touch to the scene. Once the furniture and accessories were in place, it was time to add Vistafolia adaptable artificial green panels.

The team chose deep vibrant shades of green to provide a stunning contrast to the white ironwork. A wall was created behind the seating area with generously sized leaves and grasses in decorative clusters. Assorted spiky plants were added to introduce depth and contrast. To break up the uniformity, the team sparingly added a variety of shades of green to the wall with a smattering of ferns and thistles.

Once the privacy screening was in place, an oversized metallic planter was added to the seating area and filled with beautiful, succulent leaves for a dramatic and luxurious touch. The overall effect was that of a fairytale garden which invites visitors to exclaim ‘Curiouser and curiouser!’

The client was delighted with the new garden and, in particular, the fact that the lush new foliage requires very little maintenance. As an advocate of the environment, the client was also very pleased to hear that all of Vistafolia’s foliage is recyclable – as well as fire retardant for those popular summer barbecues!