Vertical Garden System

Vertical Garden System

Vistafolia is engineered for optimum performance on any surface.

The stylish conversion project in this garden south of Toronto, Canada is an excellent example of our quality assurance and the flexibility of Vistafolia's advanced modular greenwall system for creative application and easy, customised installation.

The developer utilised only the finest materials for this project, complementing the existing fabric of the house. Vistafolia's luxurious greenwall signature panels were chosen to fill in the ceramic-tiled walls of the property’s roof terrace and lower terrace, which can be viewed from the kitchen.


Against the ceramic framing, our hyper-realistic and seamless foliage looked amazingly like a living picture on a grand scale, vibrantly standing out from the sawn cut ceramic edges. The greenery was customised on-site to look natural, creating a highly bespoke tapestry of luxuriant greenery with lovely clusters of soft lavenders and delicate white flowers.

The bespoke wall transformed the garden, creating an instant wow factor and focal point. The contrast between the crisp ceramic tiles and Vistafolia’s sumptuous greenery was striking, at once clean and lush, creating a highly dramatic effect.

Vistafolia breaks ground with its fusion of artisanal and technical innovation. Beautiful, lush foliage panels with colour combinations and textural compositions delivering the best of British design, supported by an advanced modular system for easy installation and maintenance.